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Man Bravely Films Lightning Storm That Almost Struck Him





You’ve probably seen numerous videos of people doing amazing stuff and you’ve felt blown away by what you saw. But what if it involves a man and a lightning storm? That’s gotta be really scary, right?

Well, not really for Daniel Modøl. To him, it was more of a much needed experience. The 38-year-old basically went outside of his home just to record a distant storm.

That's the lightning storm right there!

Source: YouTube

Modøl was simply standing on his beautiful terrace in his home in Gerstad, Aust-Agder, Norway. But apparently, an array of lightning bolts invaded the neighborhood that day.

He witnessed what appeared to be a lightning strike, which actually left a crater in his backyard. The crater, in particular, was between 15 and 20 feet away from him. From such distance, one could possibly think he was suicidal.

But nope, Modøl went outside with only his flip-flops and filmed everything. Apart from the lightning strike, he also documented the loathsome aftermath.

The crater was courtesy of a lightning bolt, which was just few meters away from him.

Source: YouTube

According to reports, when he decided to get inside, he found out that some of his appliances were destroyed. His ceiling fan was not working anymore while burn marks were all over the place. Well, good thing for him, he wasn’t struck down by one of the lightning bolts.

Daniel was shocked upon seeing the devastation that the lightning storm brought to this home.

Source: YouTube

Daniel shared his video on various social media sites. While some thought he should’ve not done it, others applauded him for his bravery. In fact, some people opted to share their own near-death experience with lightning storms after seeing’s Daniel’s footage.

One of the commenters said:

I experienced a lightning strike at about that distance when I was kid. As far as it being terrifying, it beats finding out the house is on fire at night.”

Another one shared:

I had something similar happen. I was standing on a covered porch of a small farmhouse when a bolt hit the house. Guy standing next to me said he saw a spark travel down the side of the house next to where I was standing. It does not sound like a thunderclap at all when it’s that close. It’s like a huge pop.”

Modøl said that what happened was surreal. Never did he experience such terrifying encounter until that day. At least, it didn’t lead to his death.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments section!

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