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He Used To Be Chubby Until Something Terrible Happened To His Dad


Pigging out during payday and once in a while with family and friends is okay, but to make it a habit is extremely bad for your health.

What happened to the father of Dan Wells made him realized that he has to stop doing his old bad routine.

This is Dan Wells today, physically fit and strong that no one can break his bones during a fight.

At the age of 42, Dan was able to establish his own franchise of CrossFit Horsepower perfectly situated in Los Angeles, California. This is to continue and share his inspiring journey with other people. He can do 53 pull-ups and back squat 350 squats continuously in a row.

Source: Pete Henze

Dan’s Teenage Years

Dan admits that he used to be chubby during his younger years. There were days that he sat in a cubicle for as long as 70 to 80 hours per week and he became alcoholic.

He thought it’s okay because he’s still young and doesn’t care to his health at all.

At the age of 22, he lost his father due to heart attack and that was the biggest turning point of his life. After losing his father, Dan was able to implement a healthy lifestyle to himself.

“If you don’t care about health which my dad did not, you die early and your adventure gets cut short. They days between now and that short journey kinda suck. You have low energy, you don’t feel good. It’s either to continue down that path or get my shit together pronto!”

The hotter Dan Wells in 2016

The hotter Dan Wells in 2016

Dan starts his day working out from 5 to 15 minutes every day from squats, deadlifts, shoulder presses to weighted pull-ups and cardio movement.He also said to be physically fit it has to be earned, through years and years of concerted, brutally hard work.


Two Poor Boys Live in a Cave with their Dad But Surprise Teachers With Good Grades

For some people, not even extreme poverty can keep them from following their dreams.

In the Philippines, where finishing school is of primary importance, people will do anything, including hock or sell their land and livestock to give their children an education.

In one shocking case, teachers in a Camarines Sur middle school discovered two of their top students, both brothers, in dire circumstances when they paid the boys a visit.

They found out the boys were living in a cave!

cave 1

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Guy Who Blew His Marriage Gives Advice He Learned the Hard Way That Could Save Yours

Divorced guy gives advice to help keep others from making the same mistakes he did and help save your relationship

A lot of relationships that fail is because of the reason that one or both have stopped trying to do the things that they used to do before they get into the 'comfortable' stage of their relationship.

The honeymoon phase is applicable to most. According to Dr. Emily Nagoski, Psychology, the honeymoon phase is made of attachment -- the wildly powerful biological experience we tend to call “falling in love.”It is the strong wave in the early part of the relationship .What scares most people is the idea of falling out of this so-called stage. What happens after that? What happens after the crash?

Author and blogger Dan Pearce, who was divorced twice, was sitting around the table with his family. As a tradition, they give advice to his sister on the eve of her wedding. He, then, realized and admitted to himself that he is not the right person to ask for marriage advice though he has plenty of “keep your marriage from ending" ones.

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Techie Mom Conducts Experiment with Her Children to Find Heartwarming Results

Are you a parent who find sanctuary in the Internet? It’s time to look away from your phone because you might not know what kind of message you’re sending your kids.

People nowadays tend to neglect more important things and turn to the temporary escape offered by technology. In fact, there is proof that the Internet and gadgets are partly to blame for the growing gap between parents and their children especially in families with little ones.

When they are still very young, children tend to absorb everything they see and hear from adults. They talk like you, eat like you, and may even dress like you. This is because children see the adults particularly their parents as their role model.

Unfortunately, not all parents understand this and tend to neglect the fact that being a parent is a full time job—there are no break times, no day offs, and no vacations. But still, there are those who allow their children play on their own without fully minding what is happening. One of them is Brandie Wood, a mother of a pair of four-year-old twin boys.

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