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Dad Punishes ‘Bully’ Son By Making Him Run To School – While It’s Raining.

“Teach your kids, don’t be a friend, be a parent. That’s what children need these days.”


What would you do if you find out that your child has been bullying others at school? One father recently made headlines after his video went viral on social media. In the said footage, the dad can be heard talking in the background while driving and as he made his son run to school – while it’s raining.

According to Bryan Thornhill, his son has been bullying other students on the school bus. So he made sure the boy learned his lesson the hard way and he even broadcasted it via Facebook live.

“Hey everyone, welcome to ‘You better listen to your Dad 2018’,” the father said.

Bryan further shared:

“My son has finally got in trouble on the bus enough to where he was kicked off the bus for three days because he was being a little bully which I do not tolerate, cannot stand.

“Therefore, he has to now run to school, we’re right about one mile from the school so all week he’s got the experience of running.”

According to him, this is called “parenting”.

He proudly pointed out:

“The good news is guys he keeps up a pretty good mile pace, 6 miles an hour so far. Yesterday he was apparently a little rude to Michelle in the morning, so even though it’s raining this morning, he still gets to run.

“Just wanted to show everybody and give you a good little laugh. This right here is called parenting.”

The said punishment has been working so far, said the father, because his child’s attitude has been “much better”.

Teachers have likewise told him that his boy’s behavior has been good. “He hasn’t got in trouble at school this week,” added Bryan, “last week he was absolutely out of his mind”.

Watch the video here:

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The Facebook video has since gone viral, earning countless views and mixed reactions from netizens everywhere. While many praised the father for his discipling method, others accussed him of “bullying” his own son, claiming he is using his son to gain online popularity.

Still, the father firmly belives he did the right thing. As he said on the video:

“Teach your kids, don’t be a friend, be a parent. That’s what children need these days.”


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