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This Crossbreed Was Crowned “The Ugliest Dog in the World”

This dog recently won the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest – and for valid reasons.

Mini Malabanan





Meet Quasi Modo, a hunchback hyena-like underdog who recently took home the title “World’s Ugliest Dog”.

A crossbreed with a shortened spine that makes him appear like a hyena, Quasi Modo wowed the judges of the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California and bested 26 other finalists. According to  Brian Sobel, the competition’s chief judge, Quasi Modo “epitomized excellence in ugliness”.

Fair spokesperson Karen Spencer revealed that the dogs were judged based on their “natural ugliness”, unusual attributes, personality, first impression, and audience impact.

Quasi Modo recently won the World’s Ugliest Dog competition


“We aren’t interested in lineage, it’s the inner beauty and personality that shine in our World’s Ugliest Dog Contest,” Spencer said.

Quasi Modo took home $1,500 and a full makeover from the show Jimmy Kimmel Live. Moreover, he is expected to appear in media events in New York and San Francisco.

Most of the contenders in the contest were rescue dogs from puppy mills and shelters.


The organizers hope that the event would raise awareness about dog adoption regardless of their physical appearance.

Dog lovers, what’s your take on the contest? Do you think it’s a good idea or not? Hit the comment section and let’s talk about it. Also, do not forget to share this story on social media.

Source: Mirror UK



NASA Curiosity Rover Finds a Pyramid on Mars. Is it Proof Of Alien Life?

Is this proof that ancient civilization once existed in the red planet?

Mini Malabanan



A perfectly formed “pyramid” was photographed by NASA’s curiosity rover in the red planet.

Several conspiracy theorists believe it is proof that ancient civilization once existed in the planet.

The bizarre formation was described in the YouTube video from Paranormal Crucible  as "near perfect design and shape”. Moreover, they believe that the object is "the result of intelligent design and certainly not a trick of light and shadow.”

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Python Believed to Suffer Remorseful Death After Swallowing a Porcupine

This large snake literally bit off more than it could chew!

Bernadette Carillo



Although Africa has always been a popular tourist destination for its mystical dessert safaris and wild reservoirs, its exotic and rare species are also taking the spotlight by storm.

Lake Eland Game Reserve in South Africa is known for its cinematographic ambiance and tranquility. But just recently, a giant snake known to be a python was found lifeless at its rocky ledge. Upon noticing the incredibly visible figure shaping its stomach, experts believed that the last meal may have been the cause for its remorseful death.

A huge python was found lifeless at its rocky ledge of Lake Eland Game Reserve.


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Are You Up for a Challenge? Woman Crushes Watermelons Between Her Thighs!

Her powerful thighs crushed those hard watermelons in just one strong move!

Ann Moises



Warning: This video is not suitable for minors. Viewer discretion is advised.

Most people concentrate or focus on keeping their upper bodies strong and toned. We've seen them lift heavy weights and flex their muscles to show how strong they are. After all, almost all women love seeing men with strong biceps and men certainly don't get turned on with granny arms.

However, most of them have "chicken legs" (sorry to say). Very few people pay attention to these highly important body parts; hence, they appear like an inverted triangle.

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