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Police Dogs Waiting in Line for Food are Much Better than Humans





Do you get impatient when waiting in lines? This photo showing dogs lining up for food with bowls in their mouth may inspire you to stretch your patience.  Now making rounds on the social media Reddit, the photo features the remarkable discipline of dogs who are apparently enrolled in a Chinese police dog academy.

Notice how the line is perfectly straight, indicating that these dogs exude a different level of obedience and selfless patience.


Photo credit: Reddit

Police dog training is conducted all over the world to prepare dogs for a highly specialised work including drug- and bomb-sniffing, search-and-rescue operations, and mine clearing.

Interestingly, an old photo of border patrol service dogs queueing up for chow with bowls in their mouths captured in a farm in Finland in 1940 also surfaced. This goes to show that China isn’t the only country with this kind of doggy institution.


Photo credit: Rocket News

Who would have thought that dogs can teach us a thing or two about patience?

Source: Bored Panda

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