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After Meeting Online, Stunningly-Beautiful Woman Travels To Russia To Marry Crippled Man





When you are a disabled, wheelchair-bound man, do you still have the chance of finding love and getting married to the girl of your dreams? Ask Grigory Prutov and he’ll answer that with a resounding “yes”.

You see, Grigory, a native of Vladivostok, Russia, can speak from experience as he eventually tied the knot with a lovely lady she met online despite his physical infirmities.

Early on in life, Grigory Purtov was diagnosed with a condition that caused muscle deterioration.

In a story posted by BuzzFlare, we learn that when he was born, Grigory seemed like any other normal baby. However, his parents soon realized something was wrong when he still couldn’t walk and run after growing up. He was later diagnosed with muscular atrophy which caused deterioration in his spine muscles.

He needed care 24-7 from his family members and to make matters worse, doctors told his parents that the condition is incurable and he only has about 4 to 5 years to live.

Grigory, however, defied the odds and grew into adulthood despite the fact that he remained crippled and wheelchair-bound. He turned to using the computer to make friends with others.

He later wrote a painfully tragic prose which he shared online. It reads:

“I can’t experience the world in all its beauty. It hurts to think about all the things that I can never have…

“I can’t experience the world in all its beauty. I can’t swim in a river or in the ocean. I can’t run around in the grass without pain. I can’t help my friends carry things…I can’t take care of the people I love. I can’t make them happy.

“…and I’ll never know what it’s like to be loved, how it feels when someone wants you, when someone is jealous or proud to introduce you. I’ll never know what it’s like to hug someone I love, to protect her, to dance with her, to give her flowers or make her a gift.”

Meanwhile, Anna, who lives in Kazakhstan, read Grigory’s post. She contacted him and told him it touched her heart. Seeing Anna’s photos, Grigory immediately fell in love with the beautiful lady. Despite his hesitations, he later sent his photos to give her an idea of what he actually looks like.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Instead of being turned off, Anna traveled some 3,000km to see him.

Source: NTD Inspired
It was love at first sight for the couple.

Source: NTD Inspired
They eventually got married, ignoring all the ridicule they’ve been getting from others.

Source: NTD Inspired
Watch the heartwarming video here:

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To anyone who has ever given up on love, let this story inspire you to keep hoping for the best.

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