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Crafty Girl Pretends To Have Chicken Pox Using Permanent Marker To Get Out Of School

“She’d been sat on the bathroom floor drawing dots on herself.”


How far would you go to avoid going to school? One clever girl decided she should pretend to have chicken pox so her parents would allow her to stay at home all day. To do so, she drew little red spots all over herself with a permanent marker. Needless to say, the plan backfired in the most hilarious way.

Lily Schooley is a six-year-old student from Saint Austell, Cornwall, UK who noticed that some of her classmates were being kept from school for being sick with chicken pox. The young girl decided she would somehow trick her parents into believing she is ill so they would let her stay at home. Unfortunately, Lily made the mistake of using a permanent marker.

Lily almost got away with it but her parents discovered her plan.

Lily’s mother Charlotte explained that her little girl had wanted to avoid going to school because she had a spelling test the next day. Lily reportedly asked to borrow a red pen for “homework” then returned complaining she was “a bit itchy.” The young student told her mother, “I think I’ve got chicken pox, I can’t go to school.”

Charlotte and her husband David turned on the light and realized what Lily had done. Although they managed to keep from laughing, Charlotte told her daughter that she has to go to the doctor.

The little girl drew red dots all over her hands and legs.

The little girl immediately tried to remove the painted-on dot but they wouldn’t budge. Lily finally asked her mom to help her but the dots couldn’t be erased with water, body wash, soap, alcohol wipes or baby oil.

Lily holds out the marker she used to draw the chicken pox dots.

As a result, Lily still had to attend school looking like she has chicken pox. However, Charlotte did send a letter explaining what happened and that the dots “weren’t contagious or real.” Unfortunately for Lily, she had to wear shorts and a T-shirt for PE, which showed off her handiwork.

Lily with her parents David and Charlotte.

It’s certainly a hilarious story and we hope that Lily learned her lesson. Needless to say, you should never use permanent marker to pretend you’re sick just to get out of school.


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