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This Couple Painstakingly Transformed an Old School Bus into a Remarkable Tiny House!





I have already seen a lot of great works by architects and engineers about unique houses which they designed and built. But I have never seen in my entire life about a school bus that was transformed into a wonderful tiny house until now. And what makes this one quite different and special is that it is painstakingly made by the couple who own the house without any help from the professionals and experts. This is just incredible!

The couple, Jeremy and Mira Thompson, passionately transforms an old school bus into their home for several years already. Jeremy is responsible for the designs of the tiny house. With his carpentry and mechanical skills, he manages to convert it into an astonishing tiny custom-built house. Remarkably, the school bus is still working and from time to time they drive it around.

To help them defray the expenses incurred in building the house, they used cheap but fashionable materials from flea markets and garage sales. Check out the photos to see what’s inside.

This bus is a 37 feet long, standard size school bus.

house 1

Photo credit: OurCoraBean Blog
The bumper of the bus is made of wood which resembles it’s wood design.


Photo credit: OurCoraBean Blog
They used cedar wood materials for the outside to make it more homey.


Photo credit: OurCoraBean Blog
As you enter the tiny house, you will immediately notice the elegant redwood planks ceiling which gives a cozy and cool ambiance.


Photo credit: OurCoraBean Blog

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