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Frisky Couple Filmed Doing Extremely Lewd Acts Out on the Streets of Ibiza

It’s the summer of 69!


There are people who just can’t contain their lust that they had to act on it immediately. There have been many stories and shocking footage of very public sex acts done by drunken couples. One of the latest is filmed in Ibiza, where a couple stripped down naked and did the dirty deed on the sidewalk.

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Without a doubt, the couple had a boozy night out that they got too horny they couldn’t keep their pants on any longer. The lewd scene was filmed by a Spanish motorist who drove past them.

Welcome to Ibiza, indeed!

Source: The Sun
The man who filmed the scene implied that things like these happen on the vibrant island.

Source: The Sun

There was also a woman with the man who filmed the video, but she doesn’t sound to be offended by what she saw. She even asked her male companion to turn the car around so they could drive past the couple once again.

Watch the video:

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It remains unclear where the motorist filmed the scene, but according to The Sun, it is most likely in San Antonio, since the place is famous for some of the tourists’ bad and shameless behavior.

Ibiza is known for its vibrant nightlife and endless parties.

Spanish authorities are trying to create measures against public indecent behavior.

Source: The Sun

But it’s hard to control drunken tourists having a blast in Ibiza, the island in the Mediterranean Sea known for its sometimes-riotous nightlife.

This latest display of lustful behavior is just one of the many shocking scenes that ended up on the Internet. Who could forget the couple who did the deed outside a London pub while everyone was cheering for them? Or that time when someone just couldn’t resist making a hilarious wildlife commentary of a couple caught doing it in broad daylight? People can do all sorts of crazy things when their mind is too messed up by alcohol.


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