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Man Creates A Funny Wild-Life Documentary on Couple Caught Having Sex in Public

Denzill Smith — a resident of the town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire, England — was walking close to a church when he saw the shameless couple.

A man named Denzill Smith — a resident of the town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire, England — was walking close to a church one morning. However, his otherwise uneventful walk was interrupted by some “strange” sounds. Of course, at first, he had no idea that the noise was coming from a shameless couple.

Despite the fact that scandalous stories are easily spread online these days, some people don’t seem to care if their crazy antics become viral. This is certainly the case with the daring couple whom Smith encountered.

Another bystander pointed to the direction of the curious sounds.

Obviously, the 31-year-old Smith decided to look for the source of the noise. He quickly figured out where the sounds were coming from. As such, he walked towards a wall in an alleyway. There, he saw a man and a woman doing something that’s best done in private.

A woman who was passing by ended up laughing.

Needless to say, Smith was shocked by the sight of the shameless couple doing the deed. Perhaps, his way of coping with his disbelief was to take out his smartphone to record a video of the couple. To be fair, both the man and the woman seemed oblivious to what was happening around them. There they were doing it in broad daylight.

Be warned: This is NSFW.

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Smith uploaded the video on his Facebook page. However, it was later taken down from the social media platform because it was deemed inappropriate. Unfortunately, the video had already been downloaded by other users. Copies of the video were promptly uploaded on YouTube and other sites by various netizens.

Aside from expressing their shock at the couple getting intimate out in the open and in broad daylight, netizens laughed over Smith’s David Attenborough-style commentary in the video. Attenborough is a British naturalist who’s done voice-overs for many wildlife documentaries. Smith had jokingly identified the couple as “a hippopotopig and a female rhinoceros” engaging in a “rare mating ritual.”

The couple didn't notice that someone had seen them.

Smith later told the Daily Mail,

“It was funny and I’m glad that lots of people who watched it thought it was hilarious, too. But they should really have found a room to go back, though behind a wall is better than in full view of everyone, I suppose.”

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