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Couple Gets Caught Having S*x In Public, Judge Gives The Most Clever Punishment





In Ohio, a couple was caught getting it on in the park and they were taken to court for public indecency. People convicted of indecent exposure will usually result in a criminal record while some could be registered as a sex offender.

But in Judge Michael Cicconetti’s Painesville, Ohio courtroom, justice is served in a unique way that criminals are less likely to commit a crime again in the future. The couple who had their public display of passion was sentenced to clean the entire park, making sure that all used condoms have been picked up.

On top of that, the couple was made to apologize to everyone who saw their act via a newspaper advert.

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Because of Cicconetti’s unique way of serving justice, he is considered by some as the nation’s coolest judge. Everything is fair in his courtroom and he makes sure he gets his point across. Cicconettih handles 30 to 40 cases every day, as reported by ABC News. The judge, although acknowledging the law and punishments, doesn’t believe that what’s written in the law should be the only way a judge can serve justice.

“A judge can simply follow the law and if somebody committed the crime, here are the possible penalties,” he said on ABC’s “Nightline” in 2015.

“How much of that do I impose? Sure, you can do that and you go home and you can rest easy. Or you can take each case a little more personal and still apply that same law.”

When one woman abandoned her kittens in the forest during winter, Cicconetti punished her as well by sending her off into the forest without water, food and shelter. She could, however, make some fire to keep herself warm.

Judge Michael Cicconetti is a viral sensation for his unique way of sentencing.

In another case, a man who abused the police by calling “pigs” out to them, got punished and was sent to stand on one street corner, carrying a 170 kg pig with a cardboard that read “This is not a police officer.”

Cicconetti’s unique method of sentencing happens to work well even for the offenders. Most of them would even prefer the judge’s punishment to jail time.

Alyssa Morrow, a lawbreaker, was sentenced to pick up garbage for animal neglect.

Source: ABC News

Alyssa Morrow had left her pit bull mix Moose to a hoarder for a week and she pleaded guilty to animal neglect. Instead of having to stay in jail for 90 days, Morrow was punished by spending eight hours to pick up trash in a dump. Morrow is just one of the lawbreakers who is grateful to have Cicconetti handle the case.

“I definitely didn’t think I’d be here [at a dump], but I’d rather be here than jail. I can’t complain,” Morrow said.

Do you agree with this judge’s unique way of punishing criminals? Do you think it’s fair? Sound off in the comments section below.

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