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Man Saves Crocodile’s Life, Become Best Friends For Life





There’s a reason why men consider dogs as their best friend—they’re cute, dependable, and gentle. However, what this man from Costa Rica considers his best friend is unlike any other. It’s a huge, strong, predator—a crocodile named Pocho.

Their unusual bond began when Chito, a fisherman, treated the 17-foot crocodile’s bullet wound in the head and saved its life. He nursed and nurtured the wild animal until it regained its strength. Now, 20 years later, they’re still together.

Both man and beast have learned to communicate, respect, and trust each other.


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People may have various reactions toward this unlikely friendship. Basically, because we all know that there had been several cases of crocodile attacks that have led to the loss of people’s lives (or their limbs), getting anywhere near crocodile-infested swamps has never been a good idea. I myself couldn’t help but cringe with fear as I watch him swim closer and closer to the large reptile.

This is probably one of the most suspenseful and unbelievable videos ever. You just have to watch it for yourself.

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