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Cop Posts Selfies with Dogs to Reunite them with their Humans





When Massachusetts Police Officer Evan Lavigne responded to a call he received while he was on duty, he thought it was just a typical day at work. That was until he realized that the call was about two dogs on the loose.

Quickly responding to the call, Officer Lavigne put the two wandering canines under his custody and gave them a free ride in his police cruiser. Having no other leads, he then snapped a selfie together with the two dogs and uploaded them on Facebook in hopes of finding their owners. The post quickly went around the internet and pretty soon the runaway dogs were reunited with their relieved families.

Watch the cute story of how Officer Lavigne found the dogs’ families in the video below:

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Hats off to Officer Lavigne!

Thanks to his efforts, his two new furry friends are now safe and sound with their respective families.

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