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Cop Buys Medicine For Sick Kid After Seeing Mom Crying Because She Couldn’t Afford It





It’s already bad to know that your child is sick, so it is truly heartbreaking if you know that there is nothing that you can do to make them feel better. That’s precisely what one mom felt when she couldn’t afford to buy medicine for her sick kid.

Although the young mother was able to take her son to the doctor, she didn’t have money to buy the prescribed medicines to make the boy’s condition better. Desperation left the mom with no choice but to cry her worries out. Fortunately, one cop witnessed the whole thing and did something beyond his duty.

After leaving the doctor’s clinic, the crying mother passed by a police station where she was spotted by PO2 Ryan Ocampo of Arayat MPS Pampanga PPO. While some people would just wonder what happened and go on with their lives, the police officer took time to know the whole situation.

That’s when Ocampo found out the reason why the woman was crying. She tearfully told him that she wanted to buy medicine for her sick son but couldn’t afford it.

Without any hesitation, the kindhearted cop took the mother and her son to a nearby pharmacy to purchase the needed medicines. He didn’t only buy everything on the doctor’s prescription out of his own pocket; he also brought them home.

As if that’s not enough for a good deed, the cop handed money to the mom to make sure that she could buy other things that her son needs like milk and food.

The post quickly went viral after it was shared on social media. However, it garnered mixed emotions from netizens. While others praised the police officer for helping someone in need, some were not too happy about it, accussing that the cop only did it for the pictures.

Well whatever the cop’s intention was — helping the young mother and her sick child from the bottom of his heart or for attention — the most important thing is that the child can now take his medicines for him to feel better.

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