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The Ultimate Guide On How To Take Awesome Photos On Your Next Travel





In today’s busy world, going on a holiday may seem too far from reality. All people have in their minds is work, not necessarily because they want to, but because they need to. But if ever you have the opportunity to have a vacation and spend it in a great travel destination, then we are sure you’re going to rape the snap button of your camera. Of course, you would want to capture memories of when you were relaxed and just carefree. But before doing so, let us share with you a super cool video that will surely help you take really nice pictures while on a holiday. This is the ultimate guide for travel photography, whether you are a professional or a just a simple tourist.

Together with the COOPH team, photographer Ray Demski traveled to Venice, Italy, to give street-smart, practical and awesome tips on how to be the coolest travel photographer there is.

Watch the video here:

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With this video, we are sure you are already planning your next trip to try a bunch of tips here. We think photography is great a hobby and with this instructional video, it can get more addicting!

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