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Vegan Woman Outraged After Her ‘Disrespectful’ Mom Fried Some Bacon




  • An Australian vegan woman recently sparked mixed reactions online after posting a social media rant.
  • She said she’s “riled up” that her mom cooked bacon at her house.
  • She asked netizens to send her “love and sympathy.”

Disagreements are inevitable when it comes to family life. Because of individual differences, family members simply couldn’t see eye to eye, let alone get along with each other, sometimes and so arguments ensue.

And yes, that’s pretty normal. It happens to everyone. But would you get furious with your own mother because of…bacon?

She’s so “riled up” because of bacon.

Well that’s exactly what happened to a vegan woman from Queensland, Australia who took it upon herself to rant on social media about her ‘traumatic’ experience.

In her post, the angry woman labeled her mom as “disrespectful” because she fried bacon in her house.

She wrote:

“Mother is staying with me and currently frying bacon in my kitchen. I feel so mad and riled up.”

She likewise asked other netizens to send her some “love and sympathy.”

Her house, her rules – but she wants internet sympathy.

The said post eventually went viral online attracted mixed reactions online.

For example, some of her fellow vegans commented they’d surely be “puking from the smell” if they were in the same situation. Another encouraged her to throw the pan away to avoid contamination.

All this trouble because of a few meat strips.

Meanwhile, others reminded her that the problem could’ve easily been resolved if she spent time having a mature conversation with her mother instead of simply posting about it on social media.

Getting upset over a minor thing is totally “not worth it,” another wrote.

The story eventually went viral online and it even got featured by sites such as Daily Mail. This has since resulted to more people commenting about the topic.

So far, we do not have additional information about what action the vegan woman did after her post gained viral attention on the internet.

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