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A Common Car Seat Mistake that Everyone Should Be Aware Of





Car seat has been around since the early 1900’s and was originally designed for adults.

In 1930’s car seats for children was made but for booster purpose only until the year 1962 when 2 car seats were made for child’s protection.

Up until today, car seats are greatly used by children for safety and protection during motor vehicle rides.

Parents usually make the common mistake of putting the car seat forward-facing once their child turns 1 year old. A lot may not be aware of the benefits and safety of having the car seat facing backwards.

As seen on the video, a car accident happened where 3 people are riding a vehicle when it accidentally crashed on a tree. Miraculously, everyone survived even the child that was on the car seat. Luckily, the car seat was facing the back seat for if we’re not, the child would have suffered fatal injuries.

Watch Video Here:

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In an interview, Jennifer Saxton, founder of Tot Squad, she said,

“It is 5 times safer to put the car seat backwards because the head and neck on the child is not yet fully developed which may lead to severe injuries or death in cases of car accidents.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics advised parents to keep child seats facing backwards until the age of 2 or until the child reached the maximum height and weight of the seat.

Watch Significant Advantages and Guidelines of Rear Facing Car Seats:

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For our child’s safety, we should use car seat all the time and keep in mind when to keep it facing backwards. Aside from driving safe, keeping the best position for your young ones is just as important. Don’t make mistakes about this now that you are informed.

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