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College Students Invented a New Fire Extinguisher that is… Umm, Sound-Powered? Amazing!





Fire accidents are always traumatic, and can leave us with absolutely nothing if it is a massive case. Good thing, we have fire fighters and their equipment that can help to put out the devastating flames. But sometimes, these devices fall short in saving things and lives, because fire in general spread so quickly. This is why we are so thrilled with the new invention of two students from George Mason University.

Viet Tran and Seth Robertson, engineering seniors at the said school recently invented a new type of fire extinguisher, specifically for kitchen fire. What made their discovery so unique is that it uses sound technology to work! Cool! This device uses bass frequencies to put out fire and save lives; now that’s what I call groovy rescue!

“Viet Tran and Seth Robertson’s new fire extinguisher looks a little like a conventional one, but instead of a compressed air tank spewing out chemicals, theirs has a loudspeaker the size of subwoofer drumming out sound waves,” reports CNN. “It’s not much to listen to, just a low hum, but when pointed at flames, it makes them vanish.”

Watch the video here:

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This new discovery is said to be safer than other chemical currently being used to put down flames. With its efficacy and safety, the two students may be right in their video description of the device, “now hold a preliminary patent application for their potentially revolutionizing device.”

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