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This College Student’s Simple Act of Kindness Saved A Child’s Life





A small act of kindness indeed can go a long way. We never know when our random act of kindness can save another person’s life.

Take the story of Matt Demario as an example. When he was in high school, he signed up to be a donor on the registry of Be the Match, a website which matches transplant donors and recipients. Thinking that the chances of him being contacted were slim, he was actually surprised when he received a notification regarding the case of a young boy who was a perfect match for his bone marrow. That young boy in need of his bone marrow was Beckham McGillivray, who had blood cancer.

It was never really a question of whether to do it or not; it was more of okay, when can I do this?”, said Matt.

Watch the heartwarming video of Matt and Beckham’s first meeting:

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Such an exceptional young man indeed.

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Source: USA Today

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