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This College Student’s Simple Act of Kindness Saved A Child’s Life

We never know when our random act of kindness can save another person’s life.

Ann Nuñez





A small act of kindness indeed can go a long way. We never know when our random act of kindness can save another person’s life.

Take the story of Matt Demario as an example. When he was in high school, he signed up to be a donor on the registry of Be the Match, a website which matches transplant donors and recipients. Thinking that the chances of him being contacted were slim, he was actually surprised when he received a notification regarding the case of a young boy who was a perfect match for his bone marrow. That young boy in need of his bone marrow was Beckham McGillivray, who had blood cancer.

It was never really a question of whether to do it or not; it was more of okay, when can I do this?”, said Matt.

Watch the heartwarming video of Matt and Beckham’s first meeting:

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Such an exceptional young man indeed.

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Source: USA Today

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Two 5-year-old Russian Boys Escape Kindergarten To Buy A Jaguar

The two 5-year-old boys who dug their way out of school just to buy a million-dollar sports car wasn’t able to get their dream auto because they forgot to bring cash.




Determined to nab the much coveted Jaguar sports car Komsomolskaya Pravda, two Russian toddlers use spades to crack their way out of their kindergarten class. The two rascals were successful in executing their well-planned "prison break," but they didn’t have cash.

So, no: the two 5-year-old boys who dug their way out of school just to buy a million-dollar sports car failed to get their dream auto because the naughty toddlers forgot to bring cash.

Oops, rookie mistake.

Russian Rascals - 02

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The Words Written by His Mistress in a Postcard Made Him Faint!

He thought he was already clever!

Grace Alviar Viray



Sometimes cheaters think they can have the cake and eat it too, but that's not always the case. They may have all the fun and pleasure in the beginning, but it can sometimes become bitter until their fate spites them. That's what happened to this guy who received a letter from his mistress.

Here goes the story:


For several years, a man was having an affair with an Italian woman.

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Her Lazy Husband Refused to Help Her, So She Looked for Someone Who Will

Who would you prefer? A nagging wife or a passive-aggressive one?

Ann Moises



Newlyweds share a period of bliss during the honeymoon stage---a time when nothing else is expected except pure love and ecstasy. This is also the time when couples still bring their best foot forward; they’d do anything to impress their partners and keep them happy---talk about breakfast in bed, foot massages, dinner dates, and intimate moments. Yes! Everything is simply perfect.

Wiser and older couples have said that you’d probably get to know your better half more when this phase is over. When your husband or wife eventually start showing his/her true colors, that’s the only time you'd get to know one another. You'd finally see your partner's attitudes and habits that you haven't seen or noticed before. These habits could be really bad and annoying.

But that’s also the time when a relationship starts to get REAL.

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