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These Clever Tips From the Crazy Russian Hacker Will Certainly Make Your Dog Happy.





Ever wonder how to keep your dog cool in the summer heat? Well, we found this video of a YouTube user that recommends how to literally cool down your dog during the hot summer months. With a little basin and ice tubes, you can surely make your dog beat the heat! Not only that, in the clip, the dog seems to really enjoy, maybe because it regard the activity as its play time as well.

You can really see that the dog could not contain the excitement as it run around and feel all so happy with his basin of fun.

Aside from this tip, the video below also presents different ideas on how to make your dog’s life easier without you having to break the bank or putting in tremendous effort.

Watch the video here:

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We are not sure about the effects of putting dogs in a basin of ice for too long so we recommend that you let your pets play for a limited time only to prevent any injury.

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