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These Clever Tips From the Crazy Russian Hacker Will Certainly Make Your Dog Happy.

Want to know how to keep your dog cool and initiate a fun play time? Watch this!


Ever wonder how to keep your dog cool in the summer heat? Well, we found this video of a YouTube user that recommends how to literally cool down your dog during the hot summer months. With a little basin and ice tubes, you can surely make your dog beat the heat! Not only that, in the clip, the dog seems to really enjoy, maybe because it regard the activity as its play time as well.

You can really see that the dog could not contain the excitement as it run around and feel all so happy with his basin of fun.

Aside from this tip, the video below also presents different ideas on how to make your dog’s life easier without you having to break the bank or putting in tremendous effort.

Watch the video here:

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We are not sure about the effects of putting dogs in a basin of ice for too long so we recommend that you let your pets play for a limited time only to prevent any injury.

What do you think of this video? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends too!

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25 Everyday Objects You’ve Been Using Wrong The Entire Time

Save yourself from hassle with these 25 awesome lifehacks.

Sure, you’ve been using most of these objects your whole life. But what if we tell you that these 25 products are actually much more useful than we give credit them for?

We see these products on a daily basis but the truth is we're not fully aware about the real purpose behind their designs.

Check out these awesome hacks and use these items like a boss next time around!

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Makeup Artist Draws Awesome Cartoon Characters Around Her Mouth

This makeup artist from London paints cartoon characters – and uses her chin as a canvas!

Laura Jenkinson, a makeup artist and blogger from London, has become an internet sensation in her own right. She has gained quite an online following on her Instagram account because of her special brand of artistry.

The 26-year-old artist specializes in “lip art.” This means she draws cartoon characters on her chin and then uses her own lips and teeth to achieve the right facial expression for the cute characters.

It’s really one of a kind!

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Girl Demonstrates Effective 2-Minute Teeth Whitening Hack Using Kitchen Items

Thinking of investing in expensive teeth whitening procedures? You might want to see this first!

Having yellowish teeth is embarrassing. Aside from it being physically unattractive, it also implies poor hygiene. But staining the teeth is inevitable; of course, we eat colored food and drink coffee or tea regularly hence, it is a given.

Generally, having a set of pearly white teeth is hard to achieve. Some people who are desperate to whiten their teeth resort to expensive dental procedures that are not only painful for the teeth, but for the wallet as well.

In this video we found, a girl demonstrates a natural home remedy for whitening the teeth using materials that can be found in the kitchen. It is an inexpensive intervention that looks quite impressive. However, please be warned that this formulation may destroy the enamel coating of the teeth thus, making it vulnerable to damage and thinning. This procedure is recommended to be performed not more than once in a week.

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