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34 Clever Home Improvement Ideas That Will Make Your House Awesome

Here are the smartest ways to improve your home’s look without breaking your bank.

Home is indeed where the heart is. While you may enjoy staying in hotels, nothing compares to being in your own house. In fact, you always look for ways to make it more comfortable and efficient (and look more beautiful while you are at it). Interestingly, there are plenty of ways to make your home more functional, and you do not have to spend thousands of dollars just to do so.

We here at Elite Readers have compiled a list of improvement ideas designed to give your home a huge bump. From moving your outlets to adding an end table, you will see how the magic unfolds. Just follow these tips and you change cool factor of your house.

Scroll down below and be sure to keep them in mind!

#1. Add outlets in your drawers to keep clutter off the table top.

#2. Need an extra storage space in your bathroom? Add a half-table.

#3. Build this little library for your neighbors to read.

#4. Do you know why heat-sensitive tiles are cool? Check this out.

#5. Why not try this in one of your kitchen drawers?

#6. Add an outlet to those fake drawers.

#7. Give your dull hallway a unique twist by installing a shelf.

#8. These collapsable racks should serve their purpose in your house.

#9. Install dutch doors, so you can see your kids/pets without baby gates.

#10. Save electricity and install sun tunnel to your rooms.

#11. Buy a toilet that has different tabs for each and everyone.

#12. Is your garage adjacent to your kitchen? Then add this little door to unpack groceries easier.

#13. Make your appliances look expensive by installing steel contact paper.

#14. Decorate the foundation of your home to make it look cool and functional.

15. Put those recessed outlets into good use, so you can place furniture against the wall.

#16. Stop ruining your backsplash by adding outlets underneath your cabinets.

#17. Replace that mainstream shower head of yours and use this.

#18. Install slide-out drawers where you can keep spices and other pantry items.

#19. Connect two rooms by creating a small tunnel.

#20. Throw those bunk bed and install classy murphy beds for your kids instead.

#21. This small cabinet adds extra storage space for your cleaning supplies.

#22. It is time to replace your home’s house numbers with modern fonts.

#23. Add signs on your bathroom so guests will know where it is.

#24. Want your stairs to look incredibly unique? Add a simple window seat.

#25. A simple chandelier is enough to give your porch a new look.

#26. Make your kitchen clutter-free by hiding appliances behind sliding doors.

#27. This cutting board can be hidden after each use.

#28. Instead a stepstool, install a sliding step.

#29. Want to save space in your kitchen? Add slide-away stools.

#30. Try adding drawers in the wasted space between studs in the wall.

#31. These mirrored tiles are perfect for homes with windowless rooms.

#32. Introduce an outdoor experience outside your home by installing outdoor showers.

#33. Install a simple dog bath to a mud room or entry way.

#34. Add storage spaces in your kitchen counters.

Sure, some of these home improvement ideas are a bit complicated. However, they are definitely going to give your home a nice touch. So, will you try to add one or two of them? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. Shia Chen

    April 4, 2018 at 1:52 PM

    Prtty we need a awesome home, because we are awesome 😂


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