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35 Stunning Backyard Design Ideas To Add To Your Home

Why settle for less when you can turn your backyard into a magical place?

Landscaping is more than just making your backyard appealing. It is all about transforming your yard into a beautiful retreat while minimizing the possible impact human activities have on the plants and the environment around. While it is true that adding a couple of potted plants here and there significantly helps, the true value of a landscape design lies beyond the aesthetic improvements.

To help you better understand this value, we here at Elite Readers compiled a list of backyard design ideas. You can definitely get inspiration from the list and apply it in your house. Check them out below and let us know which ones are your favorites. You are welcome!

#1. Cozy Daybed

#2. English Garden

#3. Stone Fountain

#4. Garden Shed

#5. Outdoor Shower

#6. Hanging Lanterns

#7. Flower-Covered Pergola

#8. Fire Bowl

#9. Curtained Cabana

#10. Outdoor Kitchen

#11. String Lights

#12. Roaring Hearth

#13. Garden Fountain

#14. Family Fire Pit

#15. Garden Dining Area

#16. Outdoor Court

#17. Backyard Wabi-Sabi

#18. Lakeside Fire Pit

#19. French-Inspired Florals

#20. Shed Turned Studio

#21. Levels of Space

#22. Open-Air Pavilion

#23. Relaxing Hammock

#24. Shady Dining Area

#25. Backyard Fireplace

#26. Limestone Veranda

#27. Dockside Retreat

#28. Colorful Dining Space

#29. Canopy of Blooms

#30. Mini Vacation Home

#31. Chic Courtyard

#32. Lounge Chairs

#33. Natural Swimming Pool

#34. Garden Party Tablescape

#35. Landscaped Terrace

Whether you are a homeowner or not, there is no denying the significance of landscaping to your home’s exterior design. As you can see in the aforementioned pictures, it transforms a house’s overall appearance. And if you have one in your home, you can absolutely take pride in it. Your friends might even be jealous of your backyard’s phenomenal landscape design.

Interestingly, a beautifully-done landscape design can increase a home’s market value. If you plan to sell your home for some reason, you can expect an increase in your home’s market worth. Well, what do you think of these backyard design ideas? Are you impressed? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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