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Clever Dog Seen Roaming On Texas Streets With A Bag Of Dog Food During Hurricane Harvey

A woman took a photo of a dog roaming around the streets of Texas during the Hurricane Harvey carrying his food.


In times of catastrophe, there is nothing more necessary than an alert and calm mind to survive. We people should prepare for food, money, survival tools, and clothes to help us stay healthy until the disaster ends. However, due to panic and fear, some of us forget what we ought to do and these scenario has already led to many lives lost.

A hurricane sure sounds scary most especially when we don’t usually experience it in our region. Unfortunately, a big hurricane landed on Texas which, according to locals, was the strongest so far in the past five decades.

A dog was seen wandering around the streets of Texas during Hurricane Harvey and it captured the attention of many on social media.

Source: facebook

Hurricane Harvey destroyed many properties on Texas last weekend. While people were running for their lives, their furry friends were almost forgotten and some were left behind. A clever dog, however, mustered enough courage to be able to survive the disaster.

Recently, Tiele Dockens, who was then helping some relatives and friends who evacuated, spotted a dog carrying its food through the streets of Sinton, a city in Texas.

Tiele thought the scene was cute and took a photo of it. She then shared the image on her Facebook account under the hashtag #refugee and captioning it with:

“This dog is walking around Sinton Texas carrying a whole bag of dog food with him.”

Tiele Dockens’s post about Otis received great love from Facebook users saying the dog was smart to do such effort.

With thousands of people inspired by the moment, the photo quickly became viral. The dog was later identified as Otis and has an owner who was looking for him.

Salvador Segovia’s grandson was found out to be Otis’ owner. The old man said he left his grandson’s dog in their home’s screened-in back porch and had some food and water served to him. However, it seems that the huge storm scared Otis and it led him to bust open the screen door and ran away the night before he was seen on the streets.

According to KickerDaily, Segovia checked the porch when he returned the next morning but noticed Otis and his bag of food were already missing. The man said he drove around the area searching for his pet and was informed by a neighbor who saw the dog carrying his bag of food roaming the area.

Tiele then said that Otis was supposedly on his way home when she captured the photo. The dog fortunately had a sweet reunion with his owners shortly thereafter.


Pesticides Have Horrifyingly Turned Uganda Apes Into Mutants

It may sound interesting, but in reality, it isn’t.

Ah, mutants. Whenever we hear this term, we seem to get excited. Perhaps because we first heard it from Marvel’s critically acclaimed X-Men comic series? Either that or we just get this feeling about mutants being cool. But no matter how awesome this term can be, we know it’s a work of fiction. Or is it?

A very strange thing has happened in Uganda, and it involves baboons and apes. Basically, researchers from Kibale National Park noticed a growing number of these animals suffering from odd deformities. Some of their limbs are missing while others have flattened noses. They even have cleft lips and faces that look like a concave.

At first, the researchers were utterly clueless as to why the deformities happened.

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Incredible Reaction of Pig Rescued From Flood Amuses Netizens

A pig that nearly drowned as floodwaters rose in China appeared to have a very human expression when it got rescued.

Typhoon Hato did a lot of damage when it went through southern China this month. It triggered Typhoon Signal No. 10, which is the most severe category in Hong Kong's storm warning system. Hong Kong got flooded and thousands of people had to flee to safer ground. It also took out power in Asian casino capital Macau.

After battering Honk Kong and Macau, Typhoon Hato went on to mainland China. Reports said that more than 26,000 people had to evacuate to temporary shelters. One of the areas affected was Yibin County in China's Sichuan Province. Farmlands were flooded.

Behold, the wrath of Typhoon Hato.

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Two Male Lions Attempt to Mate While Confused Lioness Looks On!

They put on quite a show for the park’s visitors!

A pride is a group of lions consisting of the alpha, his lionesses, his cubs, and possibly a couple of other male lions who recognize the superiority of the alpha. In this story though, pride takes on a whole different meaning when a couple of male lions appear to mate while the lioness looks on - with an understandably baffled look on her face.

Wildlife photographer Russ Bridges was able to take pictures of this happening at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster, England. He witnessed one of the male lions going over to the other and pinned him down to what appeared to be an attempt to mate.

He rides on his fellow male lion's back in what looks like an attempt to hump.

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