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Chinese Man Makes Tons of Money From Farming Cockroaches

While others farm livestock and others bees for their honey, what this man farms for a living is quite bizarre – cockroaches. Yes, you read that right.

Ann Nuñez





This story is what nightmares are made of. While others farm livestock and others bees for their honey, what this man farms for a living is quite bizarre – cockroaches. Yes, you read that right. Cockroaches.

Warning: viewer discretion is advised.

Business is booming for Mr. Wang, as Chinese pharmaceutical companies are lining up to buy tons of his roaches.

While others consider this insect as the scum of the earth, pharmaceutical companies in China use the crushed vermin as part of their traditional medicine for stomach, liver, and heart ailments. Mr. Wang not only sells the insects as traditional medicine, but he also eats them. Yes, you read that right again. He actually eats the cockroaches – citing them as a good source of protein.

Watch this video if you dare:

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This business venture (and exotic food too!) is definitely not for the faint-hearted.


Source: CNN

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Dad Fails Paternity Test, Unborn Twin is the Biological Father of His Son

Nope, this is not a sci-fi movie plot.




This sounds straight out of a freaky sci-fi movie plot, but this really happened to a couple in Washington D.C., who turned to assisted conception due to fertility problems. So they were able to produce a kid...should be happily ever after, right? Nope. Because the man later failed a paternity test and discovered the child wasn't really his...technically.


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Having difficulties conceiving their second child, the couple went to a fertility clinic to avail of the intrauterine insemination service, in which sperm is directly inserted into the woman's uterus during ovulation period to increase the chances of conception. It worked and the woman gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

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South Korea Established ‘Death Experience’ Schools for Suicidal People

Placing them in coffins and arranging a fake funeral ceremony helps them appreciate life again, apparently.

Ann Moises



South Korea soared from being one of the poorest countries to being the 12th largest economy worldwide.

The sudden financial buildup came with serious repercussions, however, as the number of suicides in the country significantly increased. The World Health Organization (WHO) said that for every 100,000 South Koreans, approximately 28.9 committed suicide. It came second to Guyana, a small country in South America, where 44.2 people committed suicide per 100,000.

At least 40 South Koreans commit suicide every day due to the extreme pressures of modern life, which cause stress and depression to its people.

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10 Scary Tricks People Use to Keep Themselves Thin

There are diet and exercise tips, and then there are down-and-dirty terrifying strategies to stay thin…

Dondi Tiples



Anyone who's ever been told they are overweight and need to lose a few may have gone on a diet and exercise regimen to keep a moderate amount of weight on their frame.

Then there are some people who, because of their profession, their social status in society, body image issues brought about by media brainwashing, or because of a body dysmorphic disorder, are obsessed with keeping themselves thin to the point of emaciation.

These people, for whom body image is everything, have resorted to some really frightening methods to keep their weight down. Such as:

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