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Chilling Footage Shows Man Leaving A Baby On The Street At -20 Degrees Temperature

He left the poor baby during the time when the temperature plunged to -20 degrees.


The police are now looking for a man who abandoned a baby on the street in China at the wee hours, with the temperature plummeting to -20 degrees Celsius.

The chilling moment was captured by a CCTV monitor and it was released for the public to see if they know who the man is. The suspect can be seen putting the infant outside a hospital before running away in one of China’s coldest cities, Jiamusi.

The man carried the baby in his arms near a hospital in China.

He abandoned the baby at about 1:30 am during one of the coldest nights in the area.


Fortunately, a male nurse saw the baby boy and immediately took him to the
hospital’s neonatal department.

The baby is now recuperating and medical examinations show that he is in good health.


The hospital staff, upon hearing the news of the little boy found in the premises, immediately called the police.

The boy has been turned over to Jiamusi Children's Welfare Institution.


With the CCTV on hand, the police are hoping to find the suspect. Aside from the police officers, Chinese web users are helping look for the suspect as they spread the information and the video, in the hopes of finding out the reason why he abandoned his baby out in the cold. However, it remains unclear whether the man is the baby’s father or a family member.

This is not the first case of people abandoning their babies in China.

Source: Pixabay

A new mother threw her newborn baby from the window of the hospital building. Fortunately, the baby landed on a canvas awning of a parked tricycle and survived.

In another incident in the country, the parents of a sick baby left due to high medical bills. The mother of the infant even said that she’d rather try for another baby than spend money for treatment.

The number of babies being abandoned increases due to poor sex education in the country. Moreover, many young mothers are left with no choice but to leave their babies because there are no child benefits in China, meaning it would be very hard for them to raise their babies.

Also, babies born out of wedlock can’t be registered due to the country’s strict household registration system. When they grow up, they would have a hard time receiving a proper education or social welfare. In some cases, since it would be expensive to have a sick baby in the family, the parents would resort to abandoning the baby than paying expensive medical bills.


Lucky Toddler Survives After Pencil Pierced Her Eye and Brain While Playing

She was one lucky girl who escaped death by a millimeter.

Coloring and drawing can be one of the most innocent activities for a toddler but what not many people realize is that it can be potentially dangerous. Imagine the horror of parents who, instead of feeling proud about their daughter's work of art, saw that a pencil the tot used to draw had just pierced her eye.

Two-year-old Wren Bowell had been drawing in her bedroom and ran outside toward her parents to show her work. On her way, she tripped over the stairgate and the pencil that was in her hand impaled her eye and went into her brain.

Wren tripped and fell while holding a pencil that pierced her eye.

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World’s Biggest Photoshop Troll Strikes Again With Hilarious New Photo Edits

Ask James Fridman for a free Photoshop favor and he’ll do it. But you’ll probably end up regretting it!

When it comes to the internet and life in general, everyone should know this thing by now – you can’t expect good results when you ask for free favors. We’ve seen it over and over again, people who think they can get away with free stuff end up getting disappointed.

And they deserve it, right? Besides, the things they ask for – such as editing photos – takes skills and talents. So it’s just right that they pull some money from their pockets if they want to get quality work done for them. Exposure can’t pay the bills, so to speak!

We’re guessing this is exactly why James Fridman continues to be hailed as one of the biggest Photoshop trolls in the world of social media. His wit and humor is totally exceptional!

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Sick Thug Throws Innocent Puppy Into Crocodile-Infested Waters

What a heartless man!

A shocking footage about animal cruelty has sparked outrage online. A heartless man hurled a litle puppy into the waters, which happens to be infested with crocodiles.

It's unclear where this vile incident took place, but one report stated that it happened in Indonesia, while a different report suggested that it was shot in Australia. Regardless, people want only one thing -- to have this man punished for this evil act.

The video starts off with this man carrying a sack in which the puppy was put in.

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