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Man Gets Balls Stuck in Plastic Chair During Lockdown




  • The plastic chair has narrow slits, where his balls slipped through.
  • Fire brigade had to be called to rescue him.
  • Similar incidents happened in Spain and Thailand.

If you’re somewhere where the heat is just stiffling, it’s tempting to just chill with little clothes on, or even naked. Especially during this lockdown, it’s only natural for a lot of people to lounge around in the buff. If done in the safety of your own home, it should be fine, right?

Well, not for this dude. He sat his naked bottom on a cheap plastic chair, which had narrow slits. Unfortunately, his balls slipped through one of the openings and got stuck in there.

Very little details were revealed about the incident, but the pictures say it all.
He had to call the Fire Brigade to rescue him from his embarrassing situation. He had to be taken out on a stretcher, the chair still sticking to his bottom.
Dude was taken to the hospital to have his balls extracted safely from the chair.
A picture shows the chair with a part of the plastic slit cut out. Apparently, they can’t just yank the man’s balls from the seat.

A similar incident happened to an 81-year old man in Bangkok, Thailand. The plastic chair was also the culprit and rescue voluenteers had to rescue the old dude, who was crying in pain as his testicle was beginning to swell.

He was also taken to the hospital, where the staff cut the chair to get his balls out.
Another happened in Alicante, Spain, where a hotel guest got his balls stuck in a plastic shower chair.

Firefighters were also called in to help the old man – they were able to cut away some of the plastic slats to free his testicles.

This should be a lesson for all men out there – never sit naked on a plastic chair. Always wear underpants or at least put a piece of fabric over the seat first.

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