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Cheating Wife Who Had an Affair and Got Pregnant Asks for Advice

“One night, I gave in to temptation and we were reckless and didn’t use any protection.”

Faye Williams





Relationships take a lot of work — more so if you’re already married. If you’re lucky, the challenges you encounter will be manageable and easily resolved. However, not everyone is that fortunate. There are couples whose marriages are threatened and destroyed by major issues like infidelity. A cheating wife who has shared her story knows this too well.

Infidelity is usually a deal breaker for most marriages and a woman who has cheated on her husband is in an even more complicated situation. In her case, it’s not just about her, her husband, and the man she had an affair with. She now has to be responsible for her baby.

So, how did she end up in such a predicament?

This is the cheating wife’s story:

I’ve been married for a little over five years to my husband. We love each other, but I have to admit that our relationship had some conflict right from the start.

Our fights are caused by the fact that he hardly has time for me. This has always been the case since we were dating, as he has always been focused on his career. Despite this, we decided to get married. On hindsight, we should have resolved our issues before we tied the knot. But we were naive and thought that being in love would be enough to see us through.

My husband had promised to take it easy for a while right after we got married. We made plans to go on a trip. Unfortunately, we never even went on a honeymoon because he had gotten a job offer that required us to relocate. It wasn’t easy for me, as I had to leave my family and friends behind. Moreover, I also had to quit my job. I set aside my own career plans so I could be with my husband.

I kept telling myself that I just had to make some sacrifices so our issues would eventually be resolved.

At first, I tried my best to get over my resentment. Our friends and relatives kept reminding me that my husband was just working hard for our future. Of course, I also appreciated that about him. He just wanted us to have a good life. Ironically, it was his work that prevented us from enjoying each other’s company. We were rarely intimate. It also felt like we were leading two separate lives.

Most of all, I really hated it when he dismissed me each time I asked him if we could go out and, perhaps, have a date night every now and then. I needed his affection. However, he just told me, “Come on, you know I love you. Stop acting like so needy!”

It was a very challenging point in my life. I realized I was not as strong as I thought I was. I was desperate for my husband’s attention. In order to distract myself, I went out more often.

It so happened that I hit it off with a guy I met at the gym. Let’s call him Henry. He was single but he was in a long distance relationship. He rarely saw his girlfriend. In a way, we had the same problem.

Henry and I also had many things in common and soon we became very close. We started going out for coffee and then later we would have dinner together. It was easy for me to go on these “dates” because my husband was often working late.

I found myself falling for Henry. One night, I gave in to temptation and we ended up having sex. We were reckless and didn’t use any protection. I felt so much guilt after that but I also felt thrilled to be wanted.

My affair with Henry lasted for about three months. But I realized I didn’t love him. Admittedly, he also didn’t love me, so we agreed to end the affair before my husband and his girlfriend found out. We were just two lonely people who made a very bad decision. As for me, I certainly didn’t need to complicate my life with an affair.

Imagine my shock when about two weeks after ending my affair with Henry, I found out that I was pregnant. There’s no question that the baby is Henry’s. I have not told him or my husband about my pregnancy yet.

I’m only sure about having and keeping the baby. Aside from that, I am at a loss about what to do. Soon, my baby bump will start to show and I guess I’d have make a decision to tell Henry and my husband about it.

A friend of mine suggested that maybe I shouldn’t tell Henry the truth about the baby anymore. She also said I should just seduce my husband and then make him believe that the baby is his. I am ashamed to confess that I’ve considered this, but I don’t know if I can live with it.

Right now, my husband and I are still dealing with a lot of issues in our marriage. My pregnancy is sure to just aggravate our problems. Who am I kidding? He’s sure to go ballistic and will most likely leave me once I tell him.

I really need help in deciding what to do next.

What do you think she should do? Share your thoughts with us.

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