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Cheating Man Finds it Difficult to Choose Between Wife and Mistress





I’ve heard old couples say that there will come a time when your partner will be tempted to cheat on you no matter how great or perfect “you think” your marriage is. It is as if it’s bound to happen, and that men, in particular, couldn’t help it.

There is no such thing as a marriage that never experienced some rough times. Every marriage has its ups and downs. Even in the best of circumstances, there are going to be difficult times. People change. Circumstances change. Emotions change. But is it enough reason to sleep with someone other than your spouse?

Here’s a short story to remind us, not just men but also women, that there’s definitely no acceptable reason to cheat on our partner.

A man had a wife and a mistress and he didn’t know who to choose.

He decided to consult a wise man to find an answer to his problem. He asked him if he had to be with his wife or mistress. The wise man, looked at him and took two pots in his hands: one with a rose and the other with a cactus and asked him:

“If I give you one of these two plants. Which one would you choose?”

The man looked at him and replied,

“That’s a no-brainer. Obviously, the rose would be the perfect choice!”

The wise man smirked,

“You just proved that you were reckless and shallow-minded. You don’t deserve any of the two pots: neither the one containing the rose nor the one with a cactus. Some men, driven by beauty and superficiality, choose what seems to shine most.

Indeed, the Rose is beautiful without a doubt but it will eventually wither down if not taken care of properly. However, the cactus, even though it is not attractive at first sight, remains the same whatever the climate. It’s always dark Green with so many thorns but when it blooms, you’ll get a beautiful flower.

Your wife knows all your weaknesses and flaws yet she loves you for what you are. Your Mistress doesn’t want you whole but just the beautiful part: your smiles, victories, joy, caresses.

Your wife witnessed your tears and your defeats. She had seen the worst version of yourself yet she stays beside you for better and for worse. When difficult times arrive, your mistress will go away and look for someone else.

You despised the cactus so you chose the rose. But I tell you what, you don’t deserve either of them. One day, you will eventually understand the gravity of your mistake. It will be too late by then. You’re just another idiot who has a diamond at home yet you went fooling around and got busy collecting stones.

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