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This Cave Turned Hotel Suite Will Make You Want to Stay in Santorini Forever





Santorini is called the “Island of Love” and quite aptly so. Not only is it a perfect place for a romantic honeymoon, but the breathtaking beauty of the place will make anyone fall in love. The town of Oia in Santorini is one of the most famous tourist spots due to the scenic views of the Caldera and the Aegean Sea that it offers. Furthermore, staying in one of Oia’s cave houses has become a novelty experience.

Due to the many eruptions of the active volcanoes forming the caldera, a lot of caves can be found throughout the island which has been used since 400 years ago for storing wine. Now these wine caves are transformed into arched cave suites that can make your Santorini experience more special.

Take a look at one of the hottest cave suite properties in Oia right now, the Sea Captain Hotel’s Cave Suite. We’re sure you’ll want a ticket to Santorini right after seeing this!

Enjoy the view of an endlessly blue Greek sky and the Aegean Sea from the terrace


The Cave Suite is charmingly elegant with its pure white walls and exterior.


The private yard opens up to the beautiful Santorini sky


Come take a look inside! The cave suite is one of the biggest wine cave-turned-hotels in Oia. Just look at the vast area it occupies

Floor Plan and Layout of the Cave Suite. The space and amenities are perfect for an entire family


Have a sumptuous breakfast while looking at the sea


Don’t miss the pictures of the interior! More photos on the next page.

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