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Woman’s Unique “Baby Gender Reveal” Photo S***t Is The Best Thing EVER!

Now that’s a plot twist no one saw coming!

Baby gender reveal announcements are always exciting – and this woman may have probably come up with the most creative one ever. In fact, everyone Joy Stone’s photo shoot and it eventually went viral on social media.

What makes this ‘gender reveal’ special, you ask? Well you need to check out the adorable images below.

Joy Stone contacted her photographer friend Carlye Allen for a ‘baby reveal’ photo shoot.

In a BoredPanda feature, Carlye shared:

“Joy and her husband Brady had been searching for a rescue puppy for quite some time. However, they couldn’t find the perfect fit for their little family.”

Eventually, they found the right pup.

“One of my Facebook friends, Gracie Gonzalez, has a heart of gold. Gracie found the puppy and her four other siblings next to a railroad track. She posted a picture on her Facebook profile, and I forwarded it to my friend.”

“It was love at first sight,” Carlye commented.

She continued:

“Joy knew that she wanted to give the puppy a new home, but decided to keep it a secret from her husband. I drove two hours to pick up the puppy, and Joy drove hours to meet me.”

The dog was named “Rey” after the female Jedi from Star Wars.

Meanwhile, Brady was extremely happy to welcome the pet to their family.

He said:

“Joy and I are notorious for doing silly things together. I half-jokingly threw out the idea of having a puppy reveal photo shoot. Without hesitation, she replied with a “Dude, let’s do it.” Next thing I knew, we were in my yard trying to convince a five-pound fluffball to stay in a metal tub.”

Carlye definitely had a blast taking photos of Joy and Rey!

According to her:

“The photoshoot wasn’t hard at all. In fact, it only took about 15 minutes. The emotion captured between the puppy and Joy was not prompted. Joy was excited to have a new companion, and the puppy was excited to have a new mom.”

Brady was also glad to help out during the shoot.

“His job was to place the puppy back in the tub whenever she jumped out,” Joy shared. “But even that wasn’t too bad. We maybe spent two or three minutes on that shot.”

The photos went viral on social media, earning thousands of shares, reactions, and comments on Facebook.

“I’m a new photographer. I’ve only been doing this for about four months,” confessed. “While I still have SO much more to learn, one thing that I discovered early on is to close my mouth, sit back, and snap candid emotional moments. That’s what this was.”

Now Carlye and Joy are taking advantage of their online fame to raise awareness about rescue puppies. The two said:

“There are millions of other animals like Rey in need of food, shelter, and a loving home. We’ve partnered with a local shelter, and will be hosting “Doggie and Me” mini sessions in June. The sessions will be donation-based, and all proceeds will benefit the shelter. We want to encourage other photographers to do the same in their areas. We can make a big difference in these animals’ lives.”

To check out the rest of the photos, go visit Carlye Allen’s official Facebook page.


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