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10 Cancer Symptoms Most People Ignore





Cancer is a life-threatening condition, particularly if it’s diagnosed late. Early detection is the key to have a good chance of surviving.

When it comes to cancer, catching the signs and symptoms early is essential. While many symptoms of cancer are similar to those with other diseases, it’s crucial to pay attention to the following signs.

These signs and symptoms are usually ignored by people, but they could signal that something is wrong in your body.

1. A nagging or a persistent cough

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While a cough is nothing to worry about, a persistent or nagging one is another story. A chronic cough or a cough that does not go away may signal lung cancer. On the other hand, hoarseness in the voice could signal larynx cancer or cancer of the voice box.

2. Unexplained weight loss

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Losing weight drastically without doing anything is a red flag for cancer and other medical conditions. When suddenly you lose 10 pounds or more, that may be a sign of cancer affecting the stomach, esophagus, pancreas, or lung.

3. Pain

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Bone cancer and testicular cancer may lead to pain. In brain cancer, a headache could signal the presence of a tumor and in women, ovarian cancer may cause pain at the lower abdominal area. Also, colon cancer may manifest tummy aches.

4. Skin changes

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In some people, some warts, freckle or mole may change in color. In these cases, there is a high tendency that the lesion could turn malignant. Any skin lesion that changes in color, shape, and size, or if they lose its sharp border, it could signal the presence of melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer.

Some skin changes that can signal cancer include jaundice or the yellowish color of the eyes and skin, itching, excessive hair growth or reddened skin.

5. Fatigue or extreme weakness

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Fatigue or extreme weakness is a sign of some types of cancer such as colon cancer, stomach cancer or leukemia. If you’re feeling weak and unable to perform your daily activities well, you should seek medical attention for further evaluation.

6. Change in bowel or bladder habits

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When you have chronic constipation or diarrhea, or both, it may signal a problem in your colon. Changes in bowel movements could point to colon cancer. Moreover, bladder habit changes like pain when urinating, needing to go more or less often than normal, or blood in the urine, could be signs of prostate or bladder cancer.

7. Sores that do not heal

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When you have a sore that does not heal, it could be cancer. A mouth sore that won’t go away may signal oral cancer, especially among smokers. On the other hand, sores in the genital area could point to cancer or a sexually-transmitted infection.

8. Unusual bleeding

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Blood may signal many types of cancer. For instance, coughing up blood may signal lung cancer or blood in the stool may reveal colon cancer. In women, any abnormal vaginal bleeding may be a sign of endometrial cancer or cervical cancer.

9. Lump

Source: Healthline

When you palpate any lump in the body, it could be a type of cancer. These cancers happen mostly in the lymph nodes, testicles, breast and the other soft tissues in the body.

10. Recurrent and persistent fever

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Fever is a sign that the immune system is fighting an infection. In some cases, cancer can take a toll on the immune system, making it difficult for the body to combat infection. Fever can also signal leukemia or lymphoma.

As said earlier, these signs could signal both early and late-stage cancer. Early detection is crucial to make it easier to kill the cancer cells. Hence, if you have any of these symptoms, visit your doctor immediately for further tests.

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