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Everyone’s Drooling Over These Delectable ‘FreakShakes’ From Pâtissez Cafe In Canberra.

You might want to visit Cranberra once you see these ‘droolworthy’ milkshakes plus a few more sweet goodies from Pâtissez cafe.

Jessa Ventures





Pâtissez, a new cafe in Manuka, Canberra is dominating the hearts of many people including ours because of their delectable sweet treats. This supposedly small cafe is a big hit to customers with long queues lined up around the block hoping for a taste of their mouthwatering desserts–from pastries, cakes and signature ‘freakshakes’ that not even the current extreme winter in Canberra can hinder.

Co-owner Anna Petridis was featured on this year’s My Kitchen Rules who represented the Australian Capital Territory with her mother Gina. Their partners Ismael and Astrid Toorawa are resident French pastry extraordinaires with over 20 years experience between them. The Petridis and Toorawa families have joined forces to ‘bring customers a new and exciting approach to pastries, ‘breakky’ and desserts.’

I wouldn’t be surprised if Canberra will be included in everyone’s bucket list of places to travel while Pâtissez–the number one ‘must-try’ cafe. Why not? For now, let your eyes devour these sinful, sweet concoctions  by checking the images below.

Stop whatever you’re doing right now and take a moment to appreciate these ‘droolworthy’ milkshakes.


Photo credit: Patissez / Facebook
And a few more delectable desserts waiting to be devoured.


Photo credit: Patissez / Facebook
Well, they’re dubbed ‘freakshakes’ for a reason. This!


Photo credit: Patissez / Facebook
Red velvet madness. DROOL.


Photo credit: Patissez / Facebook


Photo credit: Patissez / Facebook
For your eyes only.


Photo credit: Patissez / Facebook
‘White chocolate caramel mud – dark chocolate sponge – serious loads of Nutella buttercream – oodles of oozy salted butter caramel – hazelnut toffee shards & motherloads of Ferrero Rocher.’


Photo credit: Patissez / Facebook
Cold & creamy Nutella shake, vanilla bean whipped cream & Nutella dunked salty pretzels… not for the faint of heart!


Photo credit: Nickelodeon/Giphy
Go get these goodies now!


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