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Bullied Teen Gets Sweet Revenge By Losing 138 Pounds





Josie Desgrand of Queensland, Australia was constantly bullied for her weight. At age 16, she weighed almost 300 pounds and struggled with all the criticism.

She hated the way she looked and even considered getting weight-loss surgery. Josie finally got enough of people making fun of her that she vowed to silence her bullies for good – by losing enough pounds to fit into her prom dress.

The teen started her weight loss journey slowly but surely. She changed her diet and did a little bit of exercise at home since she was too self-conscious to join a gym.

Just 12 months later, Josie had transformed entirely, losing 138 pounds. She would dedicate 15 minutes of her time training using YouTube channel The Body Coach as inspiration.

Josie said:

“I stuck to a low carb, no sugar diet for TWO WHOLE years. I began to eat natural sugars about six months into my journey. In the first 12 months, I lost 63kgs. I do not see this as a diet to lose weight, I see this as my new lifestyle change. In these two years, I have faced some very difficult challenges but I have chosen to pick myself up and keep moving. Everybody has bad days, never let a stumble be the end of your journey.”

Despite eating relatively healthy while at her heaviest, Josie said it all came down to portion control and only snacking on healthy foods which helped her shed the pounds.

Now the 18-year-old has a popular Instagram account where she shares her journey. Not only did she overhaul her diet, but she completely changed her lifestyle. Nowadays, she works out three or four days a week with a personal trainer.

“I never thought I’d be able to do this, I want to show everyone what I look like. I’m now doing things and making plans I would never have dreamed of doing before losing the weight.”

After her incredible transformation, it’s quite clear that Josie has gained a lot of self-esteem. As for her bullies, well, they were left with their jaws dropped to the floor.

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