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9 Budget-Friendly Destinations For Your Exotic Getaway





We all crave for a vacation. It’s a time to relax and escape the hurly-burly of the frenetic world. And nothing is more perfect than going to an exotic place and lying on the beach while getting a tan.

But how do you make it happen when going to these places can be a bit too expensive and you’re on a tight budget? Well fret not! You can go ahead and pack your bags as I show you 9 of the most budget-friendly destinations you can check out:

1. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Source: Ibero State

Because of the abundance of beaches in the Dominican Republic, resorts there offer competitive rates. This means you can have your dream vacation without shelling out too much of your hard-earned money.

2. Thailand

Source: Pixabay

The northern part of Thailand is the ideal place to have your exotic getaway. Chiang-Mai is best known for cheap accommodations, authentic Thai experience and vibrant hill tribes.

3. Panama

Source: Pixabay

From Spanish-style buildings to scuba diving spots, Panama is not lacking places to hang around. It is one of the less visited destinations that offer beautiful weather, plenty of sunshine and stunning beaches, all within your budget!

4. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Source: Pixabay

Amid the three towering cone-shaped volcanoes of Guatemala, you can see one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The place is also ideal for learning about the Mayan culture.

5. Goa, India

Source: Pixabay

Goa offers some of the best scenic beaches out there. Despite the popularity of India’s “sunshine state”, it hasn’t changed its “cheap” price tag.

6. Bahamas

Source: Pixabay

With more than 700 islands at its disposal, you will surely find a cheap place to stay in the Bahamas. It’s close proximity to Florida also means you wouldn’t have to pay an expensive airfare.

7. Montego Bay

Source: Planetware

Montego Bay is the ideal spot to get your Jamaican adventure started. Mobay, as what it is fondly called, is the second largest city in Jamaica.

8. Riga, Latvia

Source: Pixabay

Riga is commonly referred to as “Europe’s best-kept secret”. What makes this capital city of Latvia unique is its mixture of wooden buildings, art nouveau architecture, and medieval towns.

9. Quito, Ecuador

Source: Pixabay

This easy-on-the-pocket destination offers tourists a rare chance to walk the “line”. Here in Quito, you can practically walk along the Earth’s equator marked in red.

That said, the ideal vacation is really not a question of how much money you spend. At the end of it all, we judge our vacation not in terms of cash, but in terms of the good memories we make.

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