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This Wicked 120-Foot-Long Water Slide in Texas Sends Riders Flying High Up in the Air





Waco, Texas—An insane water slide that resembles a tall wakeboard kicker ramp caught the attention of thrill-seekers this summer.

This was when the video below garnered more than eight million views in just 10 days. BSR Cable Park, a state-of-the-art water sports facility, features a 120-foot-long water slide called the “Royal Flush”. But first, you’d have to climb a 60-foot-high stairs and choose from three different channels, each of which has varying steepness.

Unlike other water slides with giant loops and turns, the Royal Flush is a simple yet wicked ride that will literally send you off flying in the air before you hit a 15-foot-deep blue water!






The video shows how steep the drop is to send the gorgeous riders somersaulting in the air. I actually thought that I was watching an extreme sports.

The ride is open to people 6-years old and above and it only costs $15 a day. However, everyone must sign an online waiver before getting on the slide. For safety purposes, it is imperative for the riders to wear US Coast Guard-approved life vests that are available in the park.

In 2013, BSR Cable Park was awarded the “Wake Park of the Year”.

Watch the video and let us know what you think about it.

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