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Savage Brother Flips Breakers While Sister and Friends Play With Ouija Board





We’ve seen and featured various pranks on this site but this is probably one of the most sinister – like ever! This very short clip made waves online after it was shared and it’s easy to see why. Netizens everywhere couldn’t help but laugh!

As you can tell from the headline, one hilarious big brother took it upon himself to give his siter and her friends a close experience with the paranormal. You see the girls were actually playing with a Ouija board and so what did this responsible older sibling do? He flipped the breakers!

“My sister has friends over and they’re playing with a Ouija board upstairs”

Source: Flickr

Call it savagery or whatever you will but this is definitely the funniest thing we’ve seen this week. The video below shows us how this brother played around with the breakers, flipping it several times, much to the terror of the girls upstairs.

If you listen closely, you can even hear his sinister chuckle – and, of course, the girls’ terrified screams!

Source: YouTube

The short clip later went viral and has captured the attention of numerous websites and social media pages.

This guy is probably really satisfied with what he did. The girls, on the other hand, will likely never touch a Ouija board their entire lives!

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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Do Ouija boards really work?

Source: Shutterstock

Now for those of you wondering if Ouija boards actually work, science actually has an explanation for it. The short answer – it’s both a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’.

In a DailyDot article, we read:

“Though the idea of the Ouija born was born out of 19th-century spiritualism and was supposed to allow users to talk to beings not in this realm, there’s actually a scientific explanation for why that planchette moves across the board without you consciously leading it.

“Blame the ideomotor effect, which states that small unconscious and/or involuntary muscle movements can be made due to ‘prior expectations, suggestions or preconceptions.’

“In other words, your mind is telling you to perform an action without you consciously knowing it.”

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