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Bridezilla Asks Guests and Family to Submit 250-Word Essays to Be on Guestlist

If you are the family member, would you write the essays just to be invited?

Mika Castro




  • Reddit-user “Flodomofo” posted on a thread regarding her outrageous sister who is a bride-to-be.
  • She shared that due to the current pandemic, her sister needed to cut down the guest list by half.
  • To decide who gets invited, the bride sent out two “surveys” with a 250-word limit to friends and family to convince her why they should be invited to the wedding.
  • Even more outrageous was a message that says gifts are still welcome even if they were cut from the final guest list.

Because of the current pandemic, a lot of plans have indefinitely been pushed back. Take those travel destinations that need to be postponed and even celebrations that have been cancelled. However, one Reddit user shared how her sister – who is a bride-to-be – is planning to go on with her wedding.

Pushing on a wedding despite the pandemic is not that much of an issue. But the attitude of the bridezilla about it is the problem. Reddit user Flodomofo shared that because of social distancing measures, the venue for the wedding is requiring the bride to cut the guest list by half.

The bride’s solution? Well she’s asking the guests to write two 25-word essays about the questions:

Why do you still want to celebrate this day with us?

What will attending our wedding mean to you specifically?

The bride sent out these “surveys” even to family because, well, she’s trying to be “fair” to everyone. Meanwhile, those who do not answer are also automatically disqualified.

You may read the juicy post itself:

What’s worse is that aside from spending on a wedding gift of course, the guests are expected to pay their own ticket and accommodation for the event. The Reddit user also added that her parents are scolding her for it, and even the mom and dad of the bride filled out the said forms!

Moms are always to the rescue…

And well what happens to those cut down from the list? Well they can still send in their gifts of course!

The cherry on top: Presents are still welcome even if you are no longer invited!

Cutting down the guest list might sure be tough but at the end of the day,we are hoping they eventually sort things out and things look better on their wedding day! Besides, it should be memorable for the right reasons.

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Online Shoppers Got Duped Into Buying Miniature Versions of Full-Size Products

Check carefully before you buy, please!




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  • People who commented on his post were victimized the same way and they posted pictures of miniature items that they got.
  • One user got a giant airpod instead of a miniature version.

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Shoplifter Gets Arrested After Wearing ‘I Pooped Today’ Shirt Twice

Authorities managed to track him down, thanks to his shirt’s design!

Mark Andrew



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  • Apparently, he and his alleged accomplice Kevin Lapointe stole some expensive items from a local Walmart store.
  • Employees tried chasing them but the two got away.
  • Authorities eventually identified Hunt as one of the shoplifters after Walmart workers described him wearing an 'I pooped today' shirt.
  • He is now facing a 9-month imprisonment for his crimes.

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Doctors Remove Live Worm From Woman’s Tonsil After Eating Sashimi

The live worm in her throat came from the assorted sashimi she ate five days ago.

Susie Steck



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  • She said she ate assorted sashimi prior to the severe throat pain.
  • The doctors then found a 38-millimeter or 1.5 inches worm living insider her tonsil.

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