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Brazilian Gang Leader Dresses As His Teen Daughter In Prison Break Attempt

It sounded like the perfect plan – except it didn’t work!

  • Inmate Clauvino da Silva went viral after attempting to escape prison while disguising as his teen daughter.
  • He wore a mask and dressed like his teen but police officers foiled his plan.
  • Da Silva ended up killing up himself soon after the incident.

A prisoner in Brazil recently went viral after his bizarre jail break attempt attracted a lot of media attention. As seen in the photos below, the inmate tried disguising as his teen daughter in order to escape.

Known as a gang leader in Brazil, Clauvino da Silva took the effort to wear a pink shirt, some tight pants, a wig, and a silicone mask so he can look like his 19-year-old girl. However, the attempt failed as he was eventually caught by authorities before he made it out of the prison.

It sounded like the perfect plan for a prison break. Except it didn’t work!

According to reports, police officers took notice of the 42-year-old inmate who was obviously tensed as he tried leaving the Gericinó prison in Rio de Janeiro. They then ask him to strip in front of a camera to reveal his identity.

He was quickly brought to a maximum-security prison and was told he’d be facing disciplinary sanctions. However, da Silva eventually took his own life soon after the failed prison break. He was found hanging in his cell.

Da Silva was one of the leaders of the Red Command, a group of notorious drug traffickers in Rio. He was serving a 73-year-sentence and some believe he committed suicide out of humiliation.

Meanwhile, even da Silva’s daughter is now in big trouble because of what happened.

The police also confirmed that his daughter is currently under investigation for her possible involvement in the crime. Apparently, the teen stayed in the prison while his father tried to escape.

Watch the video report here to learn more about the story:

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