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After Months of Downplaying Coronavirus, Brazil’s President Bolsonaro Tests Positive of COVID-19

He often dismissed coronavirus as “just a little flu” despite the rising number of infections and deaths in his country.

  • President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil has confirmed that he has contracted coronavirus.
  • Bolsonaro and his wife were tested after he exhibited symptoms of the virus, although the latter tested negative.
  • The president has always been criticized for downplaying COVID-19, often calling it as “just a little flu.”

Critics and health experts have often lambasted Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for often dismissing coronavirus as “just a little flu.” In several occassions, he also made public appearances without wearing a mask and did not observe social distancing, sometimes even shaking hands with and hugging his supporters.

At one point, he was photographed riding a jet ski and attending a barbecue party at the height of the pandemic as the country recorded more than 10,000 COVID-19 deaths.

Now official news tells us that President Bolsonaro has recently tested positive of COVID-19.

In a public broadcast on Brazilian TV stations, Bolsonaro confirmed the diagnosis and said:

“Everyone knew that it would reach a considerable part of the population sooner or later. It was positive for me.”

According to reports, the president had been feeling ill since last Sunday, July 5. Things got worse the following day as he experienced muscle pains and a 38-degree Celcius fever.

He and his wife Michelle ended up getting a test where it was discovered that the latter did not contract the virus.

Watch this video report:

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“The fact that I am infected shows that I am a human being like any other,” added Bolsonaro.

For the time being, Bolsonaro will self-quarantine at home as he has cancelled in-person meetings and “everything will be done via video conference,” he pointed out.

While being interviewed by the press, Bolsonaro took his mask off and told them:

“I’ll get away a little. Just so you all can see my face. I’m fine, I’m fine, thank God. Everything is ok.”

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239 Experts Claim The Coronavirus is Airborne, Urges WHO to Admit It

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