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Brave Man Swims with a Tiger at Marakapula Reserve in South Africa





Interacting with wild animals is equally exciting and terrifying at the same time. But I’m not sure where one would get courage and guts to actually swim with a massive tiger.

A volunteer at Marakapula Reserve in South Africa faced his fear and swam with a 9-month-old tiger named Caesar. In a video posted on Youtube, the zookeepers revealed that Caesar, who has a  medical condition, needs to undergo therapy to strengthen his legs. In order to do this, he does laps with a brave male volunteer.

The giant cat seems to be at ease with the volunteer as he splashes  water and plays with a ball in the swimming pool. When another volunteer standing beside the pool threw a plastic bottle, Caesar  eagerly reached for his new toy. By the looks of it, Caesar was definitely having fun in the water.

Towards the end of the video, I can’t help but get scared for the volunteer who held the tiger up as it paddled on water. Needless to say, he had already earned the predator’s trust as manifested in their special bond in the water.

Watch the unbelievable video below.

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