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Brad Pitt Places $120,000 Bid To See Special ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode With Emilia Clarke

Brad Pitt just placed a bid to have a date with the Mother of Dragons.

In an A-list charity auction last Saturday, Hollywood actor Brad Pitt placed a $120,000-bid to watch an episode of HBO’s top-rating fantasy series, “Game of Thrones,” with one of the show’s lead stars, Emilia Clarke. Although the amount he offered was massive, he was apparently outbid by another auction-goer who closed the bid at $160,000.

Sean Penn’s yearly charity event went down last weekend At the Milk Studios in Los Angeles to benefit Haiti. Famous Hollywood stars were present during the event as one of the night’s main item for auction was an exclusive “GOT” episode preview experience with Emilia Clarke, who plays the character of Daenerys Targaryen. Kit Harington who, plays Jon Snow of the same TV series was also present but was missing in action during the start of the “GOT” bid.

Brad Pitt just placed a bid of $120,000 in an auction to watch a “Game of Thrones” episode with Emilia Clarke.

According to reports, the “Game of Thrones” auction began with a starting bid of $20,000. The offers escalated quickly with Pitt dropping his initial bid of $80,000. He later outbid himself to $90,000. But when Harington stepped back into the room and suggested to also sit in during the episode viewing, the A-lister raised his offer to an overwhelming $120,000.

Lead cast Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington were present during the Sean Penn’s auction event for this year.

Source: pinterest

However, an unknown bidder took home the ticket of going on a special “Game of Thrones” episode viewing with Clarke and Harington. The bidder won over Pitt by $40,000.

Other celebrities who supported the cause for the J/P HRO & Disaster Relief Organizations were Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Lena Dunham, Jason Segel, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patricia Arquette, Mark Burnett, Connie Britton and Roma Downey among others. Leonardo DiCaprio also attended and was given recognition for his stints in combating climate change.

An unnamed bidder won the “GOT” date with Emilia Clarke at a whopping $160,000.

The charity gathered over $3 million by the middle of the auction event and collected a significantly higher sum towards the end of the night. Auction on paintings created by artist Josh Smith also went down where DiCaprio bid $80,000 for the first piece. Clarke won the artwork, though, at $90,000. A second Smith painting was brought to auction where DiCaprio already ended as the winner of the item.

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