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‘Boyfriends of Instagram’ Reveal the Hilarious Reality Behind Perfect Social Media Pics

The Boyfriends of Instagram will get into the craziest positions — willingly or by force — to get the perfect shot demanded by their girlfriends.

Faye Williams





We live in the age of social media where most people share photos of their milestones or scenes from their everyday lives. That said, there are women who want to post nothing but great-looking photos on their Instagram pages. They often ask their boyfriends or husbands to take photos that they feel would get a lot of likes and these men have been dubbed as the “Boyfriends of Instagram” or Instagram boyfriends. Naturally, there’s now a Facebook and Instagram page devoted to these guys.

We’d like to think that all of these men willingly became their girlfriends’ or wives’ photographers. However, the reality is that there are also some of them who are forced to do it in the name of love. We’ve picked 25 photos of these Instagram boyfriends (both willing and forced) in action.

1. Spot the devoted boyfriend in this outfit-of-the-day photo.

2. He can consider this an intense workout session.

3. Wait…is that their kid?

4. Dude, that must've been one hell of an IG shot!

5. Danger be damned! He wants to give her the perfect IG shot.

6. Guy passing by: "I can relate, buddy."

7. Nobody has to know about the off-camera garbage bins.

8. His thought bubble: "How many calories are burned from this?"

9. The struggle is real, bro.

10. He's really getting into this.

11. He gets plus points for carrying her bag, too.

12. This is definitely a turning point in their relationship.

13. We're frankly worried about his shorts falling off.

14. There's no doubt her friends love him, too.

15. Her: "Make it look natural, honey."

16. The man is putting 101% effort here.

17. She seems annoyed. Maybe he's not getting the angles right?

18. It looks deceptively simple.

19. Let's hope he's also enjoying the view.

20. Well, he doesn't look too happy, does he?

21. Her: "Hurry up, babe! I can't hold this pose forever!"

22. How low can he go? Very, very low.

23. He really should have stopped her from getting on the pole.

24. Who would want to be this couple's third wheel?

25. We hope his back doesn't break from this.

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Faye Williams



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Mark Andrew



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