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Young Boy Unknowingly Ate Pet Chicken For Dinner

As if the tragic story is not enough, the name of the chicken just took everything to a whole new level.


Chicken is undoubtedly one of the most popular types of meat in the world. They’re delicious and really easy to cook.

However, for some people who are raising chicken, they would rather fall for one or two of the chicks and would later make them their pet — that’s exactly what happened to one boy in China. Unfortunately, their master-pet relationship didn’t end well.

William Lin took to Facebook to share a story of the disappearance of his pet chicken when he was just a little boy, and posted it on the FB group “Subtle Asian Traits.”

He wrote:

“I too raised a chick in China, who would become my favorite pet, named [Pe nis] (yes I know what that means now, I was six years old okay I didn’t know). Anyways I would play with [Pe nis] every day, taking him out for walks and what not.”

William then shared that one day when he came back home from school, he noticed that his pet wasn’ there. When he asked his parents where Pe nis was, they told him that he was “taking a nap.” Young and naive, William believed them.

He continued:

“We ended up having chicken soup for dinner (which was ironically my favorite meal growing up). Again, I was six, and I was a pretty stupid kid honestly, so I still didn’t connect the dots. After dinner, I asked my parents if [Pe nis] was done with his nap. They said ‘he’s not feeling very well, I don’t think he’s going to wake up anytime soon.’”

His grandparents then ended the charade by telling him the whole truth. William cried for five days after realizing that he ate his own pet.  He then ended his post saying, “And people wonder why I have trust issues.”

As it turns out, a lot of people could relate to William’s story.  They shared their own experiences of eating their own pets on the comments section.


Genius Dad Draws Open Eyes On His Eyelids So He Can Nap While Watching Over Baby

You gotta admit this is pretty creative!

How do you sneak in some nap time while you're watching over a baby? That's a common dilemma among parents, but one dad from China has come up with a unique solution.

The video, presumably taken by his wife, has since gone viral and became part of a compilation featuring hilarious daddy fails as released by China-based site

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Dad Puts A Mic On His Son During Hockey Practice And The Results Are Hilarious

“Are we going to go to Badonalds after?!”

Some dads will truly take extra measures to understand their children. One awesome father decided to put a microphone on his son during the child's hockey practice so he could find out what the boy was thinking. However, he got so much more than he bargained for and the results are downright adorable.

Jeremy Rupke, aka Coach Jeremy, is a hockey coach from Ontario, Canada. The dad revealed that his son Mason recently got into the game and Jeremy wanted to understand the four-year-old's thoughts while he was on the ice. To do so, Coach Jeremy put a mic on Mason and recorded everything. Not surprisingly, the boy's ideas were cute and funny at the same time.

Meet Mason, the tiny hockey player who likes naps and 'Badonalds'.

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Dad Helps Daughter Create ‘Rocket’ Project, Causes Massive School Evacuation

This is probably why you should let the kids do their own homework!

Sometimes too much enthusiasm can lead to epic fail. One over-enthusiastic dad decided to help his daughter create a rocket for her school project. Unfortunately, it was so realistic that people thought it was the real thing and called for a massive school evacuation.

The unnamed father revealed that his 13-year-old daughter had asked for help in making a Water Rocket for her school assignment. Although the teachers had indicated that parents were only allowed to supervise the project, the dad decided to unleash his "inner boychild schemes" and took over in the creation. Needless to say, his creation was so convincing that it could easily be mistaken for a real threat.

The young girl had only asked for help but her dad decided to take over the project.

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