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Hot Cocoa Project Of an Eight-Year-Old Pays Back The Hospital That Saved His Best Friend.

This is his way of showing gratitude for having his friend back.

Bernadette Carillo





An eight-year-old boy named Tristan Regini meant no monkey business as he took his home town Denver, Colorado by storm in raising funds that served as a token of thanks to the hospital that saved his best friend’s life.

It has almost been a year when Cade Humphreys, Regini’s best friend, took a blow that seemed impossible to surpass. This eight-year-old kid was diagnosed with Cancer. Since then, the Children’s Hospital Colorado has been his playground. After a series of medical treatments, finally, he was cured. And so, to Regini’s obvious delight, he took the initiative to repay the hospital by donating all proceeds from his business.

The young entrepreneur set up a hot cocoa stand right in front of their facade where people not only get to enjoy a hot choco but also gets the chance to give a heart for the needy. Although the soft opening was only held last February 28, the nonprofit cocoa stand has already been able to raise over $3,000. Since then, his charity project has drawn the attention of both local and international news gaining an additional $400 on a weekend alone after being aired.

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Today, Regini’s choco for a cause has now reached out to thousand of viewers who are more than willing to give financial assistance and moral support. In addition, an online fund is now ongoing, garnering more than $2,000. According to 9News, hot chocolate brand Swiss Miss even donated over $1,000 and hot cocoa packets to Tristan’s effort.

The success of a business depends on the mission and vision of the owner. Although some may say this is merely a scam for easy money, Regini is positive that his mini project will not only change the face of cancer survival but will also encourage the youth to do the same—give back what is due of them.

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I would have panicked…

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While shopping at Walmart one evening, Abby Snodgrass heard a commotion down at the electronics section of the store. Apparently, the mother of an 11-month old child realized that her daughter stopped breathing and was desperately trying to revive the child.

The store manager immediately phoned 911, and reported that the child had no pulse and was not breathing. They were all waiting for the emergency responder vehicles to arrive, which were still minutes away from the store, when Abby approached the scene. Abby, who had also been enlisted as a National Guard, safely performed cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the infant. According to Abby, the child was not breathing for approximately one minute. But despite her worries and concerns that the CPR might not be effective, she continued the resuscitation until the child was able to breathe again.

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