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Boy Claims He’s Too Smart For First Grade. The Principals Reaction? Priceless!

The principal got it wrong.


Sometimes, the most amusing conversations occur between a child and an adult. When you listen to them intently, you’ll notice the difference between the way they see and analyze certain things.

Although some children have overactive imaginations, you can still expect an innocent, straightforward answer when you ask them specific questions. Most of us adults, however, aren’t like that. Perhaps, our way of thinking have been mostly influenced by our experiences and inclinations. And it’s funny because sometimes, as our imaginations run away with us, words start to have double meanings.

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Source: shareably

A first-grade teacher was having trouble with one of her students. One day she asked Johnny what his problem was he replied, “I’m too smart for the first grade, my sister is in the third-grade and I’m smarter than her too.”

The teacher took him to the principal’s office and explained the situation to the principal. The principal told her that he would give Johnny a test, and if he failed to answer one question he would have to go back to the first grade and be quiet. The teacher and Johnny both agreed.

Principal: “What is 3 x 3?”

Johnny: “9.”

Principal: “6 x 6?”

Johnny: “36.”

And so it went on like this, the principal asked him every question a third grader should know. Finally, after about an hour he told the teacher, “I see no reason why Johnny can’t go to the third grade, he answered all of my questions right.”

The teacher asked if she could ask him some questions. The principal and Johnny agree.

Teacher: “What does a cow have 4 of that I only have 2 of?”
Johnny: “Legs”

Teacher: “What do you have in your pants that I don’t have?”
The principal gasps but before he can stop him from answering Johnny says, “Pockets.”

Teacher: “What does a dog do that a man steps into?”
Johnny: “Pants.”

Teacher: “What starts with F and ends with K and means a lot of excitement?”
Johnny: “Firetruck.”

The principal breaths a big sigh of relief and says,“Put Johnny in the fifth grade, I got the last 4 questions wrong myself.”


Man Writes To His Dad Who Abandoned Him After His Mom Died When He Was 2 Yrs Old

“When she died… I spent three days in that apartment, eating toast and just waiting for her to wake up.”

According to UNICEF, in 2004, there were more than 143 million orphaned and abandoned children in 93 developing countries worldwide. Most of these kids end up in the foster homes. They are waiting for new parents who would treat them as their own and make them a part of their family.

Sadly, not all kids are fortunate to find themselves a loving home, and many innocent children are abused within the foster care system. Although it’s quite impossible to determine the figure, several horrifying news emerged about young boys and girls who’ve suffered or died in the hands of their foster parents.

Reddit user justjackson was once one of those boys. His biological mom was a drug addict, and his father was never around. At two years of age, he had gotten used to his mom passing out for long periods of time. Until one day, she didn’t wake up anymore.

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Remember That Viral Starving Kid in Nigeria? Look At His Incredible Transformation

There’s hope for humanity after all.

The story of the Danish woman who saves abandoned children in Nigeria brought focus to the heartbreaking situation of a 2-year old kid who was left to die of hunger in the streets. This kid, who was just one of the countless children punished and abandoned by their families because they are considered as "witches" and accused of killing their parents or siblings, was found roaming in the streets by social aid worker Anja Ringgren Loven of Denmark.

He was rescued on January 31, 2016. This shocking photo of Loven giving water and biscuits to the emaciated kid made headlines.

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This 63-year-old Iraqi Sniper Claims He Has Taken Down 173 ISIS Jihadis

Don’t be fooled by the silver sniper’s age! Watch him in action.

When it comes to being warriors, no one is too young or too old, and 63-year-old Abu Tahseen is proof of that.

This Iraqi man has participated in five wars and has taken down ISIS fighters one by one with his sniper rifle. He had fought in Yom Kippur war, Invasion of Kuwait, the Gulf War, Iran-Iraq War, and now he is determined to wipe out ISIS.

Don’t be fooled by this senior assassin; nothing is slowing down this warrior and it seems that he is geared up for this fight against ISIS.

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