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Couple Let Two Boxer Dogs Meet Their Newborn Daughter. Minutes Later, So Sweet!





Dogs are man’s best friends. They are always there for us to show support and care. But of course, there are times when we fear them and exclude them in the family because it might be dangerous – after all, they aren’t humans. But this is not the case for Mark and his wife. In fact, this video of theirs shows us how trusting they are to their dogs by exposing them in the most delicate situation.

Macey, 5 and Vanda, 1 are boxers who are about to meet their newborn baby sister. The couple mapped out their plan perfectly. The dad first introduced the scent of the baby by letting the boxers smell the newborn’s blanket. In this way, the dogs will be able to familiarize itself to the scent even before the baby arrives. The video then transitioned to the mom and the newborn in the room. The dad let Macey walked in first, followed by Vanda.

As boxers are known for their notorious nature and large physique, we can’t help but cringe in our seats as the dogs approached the crib. However, we were completely surprised at the dogs’ reactions! They were all too sweet and gentle – as if humans who love to watch a newborn sleep or yawn. When both dogs gathered together with the mom and newborn, the scene was an absolute perfection! Such a lovely family!

Watch the video here:

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