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Patient Old Man Walks His Pet Tortoise On The Streets Of Japan





When you’re working home-based, like I am, routinely walking your pet outdoors can provide you with a well-deserved break. Besides, it’s always tempting to just stay at home. Aside from work stuff and house chores, there’s a bunch of Netflix shows I’ve been itching to catch so there goes much of my free time.

Still, spending even just a few minutes walking a dog outside is always a delight. It gives you a moment to step away from the computer, catch some fresh air, and simply just enjoy quality time with your furry buddy.

Well this old guy from Japan did it differently though- and he did it in a much cooler way, to say the least.

Mr. Mitani often walks Bon-Chan, his pet tortoise, on the streets of Tsukishima, Tokyo.

bonchan the tortoise 2

Source: Play Tokyo

As you may have noticed on the title, this man has a giant tortoise for a pet and he walked the massively-sized creature on the streets of Tsukishima, Tokyo. Curious onlookers couldn’t help but stare at the unlikely duo. The man, named Mr. Mitani, takes care of Bon-Chan, the cabbage-consuming creature.

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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People young and old couldn’t help but adore the tortoise.

bonchan the tortoise 1

Source: Play Tokyo

First off, I am not sure if its legal to own a huge tortoise as a pet. If it is, then I think I kinda want one myself. I’ll probably name it Leonardo or something.

Bon-Chan loves eating cabbage so Mr. Mitani always brings a bag full of it whenever they’re outdoors.

bonchan the tortoise 3

Source: Play Tokyo
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