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Sick Of The Stupid 9/11 Jet Fuel Theory, This Blacksmith Debunked It For Good!

“Your argument is invalid. Get over it. Find a job.”

Mark Andrew





Perhaps tired of all the crazy 9/11 theories he’s been hearing for years, Trenton Tye took it upon himself to debunk the much-believed jet fuel argument for good.

According to skeptics, jet fuel could never melt steel beams. This Georgia-based blacksmith wanted to dispel the myth once and for all and so he made a 2-minute video about it entitled “For the undying 9/11 MORONIC JET FUEL ARGUMENT.” He later posted the clip on Purgatory Iron Works, his YouTube channel.

The video is now a certified viral hit after it quickly attracted more than 5.6 million views in just 3 days.

Trenton Tye, a blacksmith from Georgia set the record straight about this 9/11 myth.

blacksmith-911-jet-fuel-theories 1

Photo credit: Purgatory Iron Works

The video opens up with Trenton Tye at his blacksmith workshop saying:

“I’ve taken time out of my busy day to try and put to rest one of the more moronic things I have seen on the internet lately.”

He then went on to explain that some believe that jet fuel burns at 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit but steel’s melting point is at 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, many are led to speculate that the explanation of the World Trade Center’s collapse during that tragic attack back in September 11, 2001 is false.

Trenton bluntly declared:

“I am so sick and tired of this argument.”

The blacksmith then showed a piece of structural steel set at 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit.

blacksmith-911-jet-fuel-theories 2

Photo credit: Purgatory Iron Works

Showing a piece of steel that’s set around 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit, Trenton made it clear that steel loses its strength way before it ever melts.

“Your argument is invalid. Get over it!”

blacksmith-911-jet-fuel-theories 3

Photo credit: Purgatory Iron Works

“Check it out, it’s a freakin’ noodle!” he said before dropping the steel to the ground.

“Your argument is invalid. Get over it. Find a job.”

You can watch the full demonstration here:

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