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13 Most Bizarre Items You’d Least Expect To Be A Thief’s Target





We usually hear news about stolen things with a significant value like electronic devices and jewelry. There are, however, totally bizarre things that you’d never expect would become a thief’s target.

It sounds hilarious when you think about it but it actually happens. Here is a rundown of the things you’ll be amazed to find out that are actually in the top list of stolen items.

#1. Nutella in Germany

Source: Pixabay

Reported back in 2017 was the great robbery of Nutella. An estimated 18,000 dollars worth of Nutella was taken from the town of Bad Hersfeld. That’s five tons of chocolate and hazelnut spread. That’s about 6,875 of Nutella jars!

#2. 10-Ton Bridge in Czech Republic

Source: Pixabay

A group of thieves was able to steal the railway bridge in broad daylight without anyone suspecting them. How? By pretending that they were hired to dismantle the bridge. With forged papers in hand, one of the guys played an engineer suggesting it’s for a new cycle route. This bridge in Slavkov cost millions to replace them.

#3. Cadaver Toes in New Zealand

A man from Auckland was charged with stealing two toes from a dead man at the Body Worlds Vital exhibition, a traveling museum exhibiting plastinated corpses. The stolen toes have already been returned to the exhibit according to the reports. The preserved toes are worth $5,500!

#4. Ice in Chile

Source: Pixabay

A refrigerated truck was intercepted by the police, and the driver was accused of stealing 5 tons of ice from Jorge Montt glacier in Patagonia. The ice taken is worth 3,900 in euros.

#5. Bull in California

Source: Pixabay

Yes, you read that right. Three tanks of bull sperm from the top 1 percent of bull industry worldwide was stolen from a parked truck in Turlock. The stolen was valued at $50,000.

#6. Cheese in Wisconsin

Source: Pixabay

A semi-trailer truck with 20,000 pounds of cheese worth $46,000 pulled into the facility of Hoffman Storage. The driver had his truck serviced and when he came back found out that the semi-trailer was already stolen. Even after a year, the cheese bandit is still unknown.

#7. Einstein’s Brain

The pathologist who performed Albert Einstein autopsy, Dr Thomas Stoltz Harvey removed Einstein’s brain and kept it to himself. Later Hans Albert, Einstein’s son found out what Harvey did. Furious at first, but was convinced by Harvey that he took it for scientific research. Harvey kept it for years inside a cooler in a mason jar.

#8. Lawn in Canada

Source: Pixabay

Returning from vacation, a woman from Alberta, Canada was surprised to see her lawn was gone and replaced by a pile of dirt. A hired landscaper later confessed that he had gone into the wrong address.

#9. Manhole Lids in California

Source: Pixabay

Two young men were apprehended by the police after finding out that they’ve been stealing manhole covers in the whole Los Angeles. The young men pulled into a scrap metal yard to exchange the lids for cold hard cash. Unfortunately, the police are already waiting.

#10. Cabin in Washington

Source: Pixabay

A family went up to Loon Lake to relax and chill out only to be heartbroken when they found out that their cabin has been stolen. The entire cabin including everything on it has been taken. The only thing remained was its foundation.

#11. Sand in Jamaica

Source: Pixabay

An estimated 500 truckload of sand was missing from the beach of Coral Spring in Trelawny. Police concluded that it was taken by people and sold it to other resorts. There has been no arrest so far regarding the matter.

#12. Life-Size E.T. model in England.

Margaret Wells was lamenting the loss of her life-sized E.T. model when burglars broke into her home. The model was given to her by her daughter who handmade it. Luckily, she was reunited with it after a year when she found it floating on a beach.

#13. Napoleon’s Private Possession

Source: Pixabay

If you can’t get over the corpse’s toes and Einstein’s brain. You will not believe this last one on our list. Napoleon Bonaparte’s doctor lifted his private part and gave it to a priest. No information recorded as to what happened to it until 1977 when a urologist from New Jersey purchased it for $3,000 and later gave it to his daughter as an inheritance. The daughter confessed once received an offer amounting to $100,000 from an interested buyer.

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