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Video Of Dad Who Fights For Son With Autism Captures Hearts, Goes Viral In Social Media





Having a child is a blessing not all people are given the chance to receive. New parents are overjoyed with baby news and all they can hope for is to have a safe delivery and a healthy baby. But what if life makes a turn and suddenly you were given a child with all sorts of medical disorders including autism and mental retardation? Would
you have survived?

Meet Bill Davis, father of Chris who was born with a wide range of mental disorders. He has all the reasons to give up and break down, but he didn’t. Instead, he let his expectations down and just do what he can to help Chris succeed in life.

The story of Bill and Chris was included in a book by Andrew Solomon called “Far From the Tree.” They did a promotional video for the book back in 2012. That video somehow resurfaced in social medial lately, gaining lots of traction, attention and hearts.

Here is the viral video:

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The Story Of Chris

Chris was diagnosed with autism when he was just a toddler. Now, he is 22 years old, has graduated from high school and is now in college. Through two aids, Chris is able to study music, art and computers. While it may seem like a bright picture of life, the road that led him there was way bumpy.

“Looking back, I can remember I noticed things and thought, ‘Wow, he’s kind of an odd kid. He really keeps to himself,'” said Davis. “But I now know that, even from an early age, he exhibited signs of autism.”

Parents’ Determination

When Bill and wife Jae learned about their son’s condition, they were determined to find the most appropriate therapy and education for him. They started home schooling Chris, with the help of Rutgers University and some college interns.

Years later, the family was struck with another letdown. Jae died of cancer, leaving only Bill to take care of Chris. Despite the absence of his mother, Chris was on top of his schooling. Bill supported that and eventually, his son entered middle school and then high school. He is now in college, hopefully building a brighter future.

Tremendous Improvement

Bill recalls how “animalistic” Chris was in the beginning, hurting himself 24/7, biting Bill, refusing to go outside, speak or change clothes.

Now, Chris is able to eat on his own, take out the garbage, paint and goes to and from school. Of course, he gets the help he needs, but to compare his past and present situation is something very amazing.

Giving Chances

Bill remarried and his new wife Kate has been supportive. Both were shocked when the video resurfaced, saying it was flattering and insane, but adds that they are not angelic.

Bill says he would sure love a few more night outs and time for himself, but he was keen on guiding his son first hand, and not put him in an institution as he was told.

“He was so hurt from this disorder and in so much pain…and I knew he deserved a chance,” says Bill. “That’s all I did is give him one.”

Giving Up, Not An Option

Bill admits that there were times when he wanted to give up already. Maybe there were times when he actually did, but somehow he was always saved. He said all it takes is to take little steps and have the heart to accept that he may not have a child that can normally function.

The key is to change expectations, never give up and say that you’ll do all the necessary things for your kid because he/she deserves it.

Source: Today, Andrew Solomon

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